TRAHA Global – Traits Guide

What are Traits?

Traits are passive abilities that increase your character’s attributes.

Trait Families

Traits are divided into the attack, defense, and heal/support families. Once you invest a certain amount of points in a family, higher-tier traits will be unlocked. Sometimes, only one trait per tier can be chosen.

Weapon and Profession Traits

Traits are divided into weapon traits and profession traits.

Trait points acquired by leveling up your class are used for weapon traits.

Trait points acquired by leveling up your professions are used for profession traits.

What are Trait Points?

You can invest trait points among classes and presets to strengthen your skills. Investing in a trait requires one point. Trait points are awarded when you level up a class or profession.

How to get Weapon Trait Points

Weapon trait points are obtained through leveling up classes. When you reach class level 8, you earn a point for the first time. After that, you gain 1 point per level.

How to get Profession Trait Points

Profession trait points are obtained through professions. When you first reach level 2 in a profession, you earn a point for the first time. After that, you gain 1 point per 2 levels.

How to Use

Navigate to [Menu] → [Traits], and then press the desired trait to empower it.

Viewing Acquired Effects

You can press the [View Acquired] button in the [Traits] tab to see the effects of all the traits you have acquired.

Resetting Traits

Traits can be reset for free at almost any time. After you select the trait you want to reset, you can refund as many trait points as you like by pressing the arrows underneath its icon.

You can reset all the traits in a tree by pretting the [Reset] button next to each family.

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