TRAHA Global – Upgrading Trinket Slots

What is Upgrading Trinket Slots?

Trinkets really make the Traha’s power shine! If you enhance the slots you equip them in, they can become even more powerful. Upgrading trinket slots is a way to empower trinket item slots to boost the attributes of the items you equip in them. Trinket slot upgrades do not reset when you change items, so their benefits are permanent! You can swap out trinkets without worrying about losing your bonus.

Upgrade UI

  1. Trinket Slots: Select a trinket slot to upgrade. Also shows current upgrade level.
  2. Success Chance: Shows the probability of a successful slot upgrade.
  3. Equipped Item: Shows the item currently equipped in the slot. This item’s stats are the ones that will be displayed to the right.
  4. Upgrade Materials: Shows all owned shaping dusts used for upgrading slots.
  5. Auto Select: Automatically select enough shaping dust to provide the best upgrade chance, selecting from higher quality items first.
  6. Trinket Slot Info: Displays how the bonuses applied to items equipped in this slot at its current upgrade level are calculated.
  7. Slot Boosts: Shows the current attributes bonuses being applied from the trinket in this slot and bonuses of the next upgrade level.

Required Materials

Trinket slot upgrading requires gold and shaping dust. The costs depend on the type and level of the trinket.

Shaping dust can be acquired as a reward from certain dungeons.

How to Upgrade Trinket Slots

Once you have acquired some shaping dust, you can attempt to upgrade a trinket slot.

  1. Select a slot to upgrade. An item does not need to be equipped in the slot in order to upgrade it.
  2. You must then select an upgrade material and choose how many to add. Tapping the icon of an item adds 1, tapping the arrow button underneath adds 10, and the X button removes all of that type of item. As you add units of shaping dust to be consumed, the probability of a successful upgrade will increase, as displayed inside the circle. Using more items and higher quality items increases the probability of success.
  3. Once you have finished choosing items to consume for the upgrade, press the [Upgrade Trinket Slot] button to confirm your choices and attempt the upgrade.
  4. If the upgrade succeeds, the trinket slot level will increase by 1 and the resources will be consumed. If the upgrade fails, the trinket slot will not change, but resources will still be consumed.
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