TRAHA Global – What Are Achievements?

What Are Achievements?

Achievements are a way through which players are able to earn certain rewards (such as gold, titles, etc.) while playing the game. 

If you go to [Menu] → [Achievements] you can check your progress and rewards of an achievement. The Receive Reward button is activated when you complete an achievement. The Receive All button allows you to collect rewards for multiple completed achievements at one time.

Achievement Categories

Achievements are divided into 8 categories. Each achievement category can be leveled up according to the amount of achievements completed in that category. Titles can be acquired by leveling up achievement categories.

CategoryDetailed Description
CombatAchievements related to combat, such as skill usage
GrowthAchievements related to character growth, such as developing combat classes
EnhanceAchievements related to enhancing power, such as empowering cores or upgrading gear
WarAchievements related to war, such as fights in the area or on battlefields
ExplorationAchievements related to exploration, such as dungeon completion
CompanionAchievements related to pets, mounts, and familiars, such as collection and growth
Life SkillAchievements related to life skills, such as successful execution of professions
AdventureAchievements related to adventuring, such as completion of the main story

Achievement Menu

The number on the right side of each achievement indicates current progress towards that achievement.

When an achievement is completed, the progress from the previous achievement accumulates towards the next achievement.

Example: When you complete level 1 (Spend 10,000 gold), progress for level 2 (Spend 100,000 gold) begins at 10,000/100,000.

When completing achievements, the [Move] button allows you to immediately move to the appropriate menu where you can complete an achievement. When achievements cannot be completed immediately by navigating to specific menus, the [Move] button does not appear and the [Receive Reward] button is inactive.

When an achievement is completed, the [Receive Reward] button is activated and can be pressed to claim the reward. When achievement rewards are claimed, currency and items are immediately added to the inventory (bags, codex, etc.).

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