TRAIL OUT – How to Defeat Joe Boomer

Tips for beating Joe Boomer.

Guide to Beat Joe Boomer

Defeat Joe Boomer

This is a very frustrating mission indeed. I just beat him after around 30 attempts!

First, make sure that you build an SUV to max durability (took the Taiga for that).

Then, reverste on start, and reverse out of the starting pile up.

Reversing away from his really annoying guards helped me a lot. Dont hit him head on and dont hit him only when he is in teh barriers. Try to go around in circles, he will flee in circles too.

When soiraling around with him, try to hit him sideways in the open filds (while both circling) and hit his inner back wheel. He seems to take most damage from hitting his back wheels from the side.

Good luck, its really annoying nevertheless!

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  1. He takes the most damage from hitting the front wheels. If you first drive into his front wheel at the start, he will also receive decent damage

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