Train Sim World 3 – Before You Start Guide (How to Play)

Welcome to Train Sim World 3, a highly immersive rail simulation, featuring authentic routes and trains from around the world.

How to Play Train Sim World 3


New skies bring a transformed atmosphere to routes. Volumetric clouds roam free at altitude, casting shadows upon the ground, dynamically forming and fading. Re-balanced lighting provides more realistic lighting based on real lumen values.

Weather is now dynamic! When starting a service the skies may have a few scattered clouds, but there’s always the chance that angrier, overcast weather starts to form, and before you know it you’re in the midst of a storm – complete with new lightning, rain splashes and wet platform reflections. A drop in temperature around those Winter months and rain turns to snow, which now builds on top of rail sleepers and ballast; with all that snow on the ground, it’s no wonder a train at high speed will kick it back up into the air as it races by!

An all-new UI offers a refreshed and streamlined navigation experience. Select your gameplay by route or by train, find a dedicated screen for all creator tools and Training, and see more of your collection on a single, searchable and filterable page. This optimized approach gets you in-game in the right train faster than ever before. Plus, enjoy our lovely new menu music!

How to Play


Scenarios in Train Sim World deliver individual, more narrative-driven gameplay, ranging anything from unique weather challenges, lineside obstructions, faults or disruption to one-off rail operations and services.

With a finite time and a step-by-step instruction set, Scenarios are the perfect way to dive in and experience a handful of what any route has to offer with a little extra guidance and a unique experience.


Timetables in Train Sim World represent a full 24-hour period, during which a life-like Timetable runs throughout the whole day, representing the full day’s amount of traffic on any route. Traffic volumes can vary throughout the day and night, as the route serves different purposes. With no end to the action as trains constantly move about the route, string together your own experience by driving your own shift patterns, riding as a passenger, or watching all the trains go by.

Rail Journeys

Not sure where to begin? Rail Journeys tie together Scenarios and Timetables, along with relevant Training, so you can learn all you need to know about a train, then put that theory into practice throughout a range of increasingly challenging experiences. The playlist of chapters provides hours of sequential gameplay, and once you’re all done, there’s still the rest of the timetable to explore!

Quick Play

If you really don’t know what you want to do, then Quick Play is the solution! The Quick Play feature will randomly select any Training, Scenario or Timetable Service that you haven’t yet completed, from anywhere in your collection. Maybe you will be driving a train you haven’t tried yet or revisiting a classic route you haven’t experienced in a while. Not to worry, Quick Play also lets you pick 30- and +30-minute duration times, so you can even squeeze in a quicker service if you’re in a hurry.

Creators Club & Dovetail Live

Livery Designer

Add your own personal flare to each locomotive, multiple unit, coach and wagon with the included Livery Designer. Paint rail vehicles in any colour of your choice, then apply a wide range of decals to perfectly craft your own designs. Once you have made a livery, it will be selectable to play in Timetable Mode, and in custom Scenarios.

Scenario Planner

Want to drive a train but with your own stopping pattern, or perhaps add a twist by including your own liveries, or go completely off the rails and try to tackle mountainous Californian grades with an ICE? Scenario Planner lets you do all that! Pick any route, set up your player train and AI to fill out the experience, and take your journey into your own hands.

Online Sharing Hub

Fancy sharing your latest creation with the world? Made a scenario that’s just too good for others to miss out on? Or maybe your friends have made their own content and you want to give it a go. With the Online Sharing Hub, you can upload and download custom-made liveries and scenarios, share content across all platforms and discover a whole new world of experiences.


Complete challenges and unlock rewards! With the power of Dovetail Live, complete a series of challenges with every route to unlock additional items for your content; new scenery tiles which add something unique to every route, as well as additional decals that can further power your creativity in the Livery Designer.

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