Train Sim World 3 – Cajon Pass Collectable Guide

Collectables! Get yer collectables! Free for a limited time! These Cajon Pass ones are nice and fresh, just for you.

Guide to All Cajon Pass Collectable Locations


Cajon Pass is here! The famous Californian pass is finally in Train Sim World! And it wouldn’t be a proper TSW route without some collectables. Want to find them all? Well then, read on….

What to Look For

There are 4 types of collectables on Cajon Pass.

Route maps and number on route: 25.

Safety signs and number on route: 25

Hot dog stands and number on route: 25

Water caches and number on route: 25


Barstow – Oro Grande Aggregate

Oro Grande Aggregate

Victorville Cement Plant



Cajon Pass Summit

Cajon Pass Summit – San Bernardino

San Bernardino


And just like that, we’ve reached the end.

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