Train Simulator – 16 Ton Mineral Wagon Destination Guide

A guide to add destinations to the 16 Ton wagons available from Return to Maerdy and LNWR G2.

Guide to 16 Ton Mineral Wagon Destination


Something interesting that I learnt from a mate of mine a couple hours ago at the time of writing this, the 16 Ton wagons are capable of destinations to be added. From testing, this guide is only compatible with the 16 Ton wagons from Return to Maerdy and LNWR G2 ‘Super D’ ,both made by MeshTools.

Numbering Configuration

Below is the numbering string for the 16 Ton wagons:

  • ###223038
  • 1 2

There are three hashtags in the numbering string, however as it currently stands, only the first two hashtags can be used, I have yet to figure out what the third hashtag actually does, but I will update this guide if I find out it’s purpose.

The first and Second hashtag however are fully functional, with destinations from A to Z all available, however when using them, you make make sure that the letters are capitals and not lower case, as this will cause a broken texture to appear. As for the positions:

  • The first hashtag is for the bottom destination marker.
  • The second hashtag is for the top destination marker.

Below is an example of how the numbering system would work:


  • N stands for ‘Northbound 2’
  • A stands for ‘NCB Mardy’

Destinations List

Below is the list of all the destinations that you can put on the wagons. They only go from A to Z, however if you can reskin and know how the numbering files work, you could add more combinations.

I have split this list down into separate sections:

  • A – C: NCB areas
  • D – L: Towns/Cities
  • M – R: Northbound
  • S – V: Southbound
  • W – Z: Colliery Sidings
  • A – NCB Mardy
  • B – NCB Mountain Ash
  • C – NCB Mountain Ash (Duplicate)
  • D – Porth
  • E – Cardiff
  • F – Swansea
  • G – Newport
  • H – Bristol
  • I – Pontypridd
  • J – Oxford
  • K – Didcot
  • L – Birmingham
  • M – Northbound 1
  • N – Northbound 2
  • O – Northbound 3
  • P – Northbound 4
  • Q – Northbound 5
  • R – Northbound 6
  • S – Southbound 1
  • T – Southbound 2
  • U – Southbound 3
  • V – Southbound 4
  • W – Colliery Sidings 1
  • X – Colliery Sidings 2
  • Y – Colliery Sidings 3
  • Z – Colliery Sidings 4

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I was surprised when I found out about this little secret, but it is neat in how it can make scenarios a little more detailed with the destination markings on the side. I hope either I or someone else can work out what the third hashtag actually does or it’s just a dud as I couldn’t see any visual changes on the wagon itself, so for the time being, that’ll remain a mystery.

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