Train Simulator – Surfliner Car Names and Numbers Guide

I’ve looked thru the manual of the pacific surfliner LA to San Diego route and online for a simple numbering and naming guide to find nothing. So I have done the hard work by finding each car name and what unit it goes to in train simulator classic, here’s the full list below.

Please follow the list if you wish to make accurate surfliner consists in scenarios for yourself and others.

Locomotives (EMD F59PHi)

We’ll start off by doing the simple numbering of the locomotives that pull the train which is the EMD F59PHi.

Locomotives go from 450 to 464 and have no names.

Coach / Baggage / Cab

We’ll start off with the cab car in order by numbers, the letter at the end is needed for naming reasons.

  • 6900A Point Pinos (irl Point Buchon)
  • 6901B Point Hueneme
  • 6902C (no name)
  • 6903D Point Piedras Blancas
  • 6904E Point Sur
  • 6905F Point San Luis
  • 6906G Point Dume
  • 6907H Point Mugu (can also add name to 6903 as “6903H”)
  • 6908I Point Fermin


These are the most common type of surfliner cars, with a total of 15.

  • 6400A Carpinteria Beach
  • 6401B Grover Beach
  • 6402C Huntington Beach
  • 6403D Hermosa Beach
  • 6404E Redondo Beach
  • 6405F Solana Beach
  • 6406G Laguna Beach
  • 6407H Newport Beach (can also add same name to 6405 during 2008 as 6405H)
  • 6408I Capistrano Beach
  • 6409J Torrey Pines Beach (note the text changes to white)
  • 6410K Imperial Beach
  • 6411L Pismo Beach
  • 6412M Seal Beach
  • 6413N Manhattan Beach
  • 6414O Cabrillo Beach

Cafe Car

  • 6300A Rose Canyon
  • 6301B Soledad Canyon
  • 6302C Carbon Canyon
  • 6303D San Francisquito Canyon
  • 6304E Coldwater Canyon
  • 6305F Diablo Canyon
  • 6306G San Timiteo Canyon (Can also swap names with 6303 for 2008 period “6303G” or 6306D”)
  • 6307H Big Tujunga Canyon


  • 6800A Griffith Park
  • 6801B Echo Park (again note the white text)
  • 6802C Presidio Park (was also named Echo Park in 2008 “6802B”)
  • 6803D MacArthur Park (was also named Griffith Park in 2008 “6803A”)
  • 6804E Montano de Oro Park
  • 6805F Belmont Park
  • 6806G Shoreline Park
  • 6807H Frazier Park

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