Train Station Renovation – Tips to 100% Cleaning

Want to 100% the levels but missing on little objects and can’t find them? Here may be a few tips.

How to Complete All Levels (Tips)


Upgrade the tracker first. Max it out please. Then do the others.

  • Range
  • Speed
  • Length

Trash Sorting

It’s always worth sorting trash since you get some money back, but choose a good location for the skippers, don’t just randomly plop it down. Remember to sell it afterwards for some money back.

You also don’t have to sort trash, the game gives you more than enough money.

When you pick up a piece of trash there is a symbol that appears next to your hotbar. Sort the trash depending on what the symbol shows.

Segregated trash (can earn money)

  • Buy for $1600.
  • Clear for $200.
  • Sell for $800.

Mixed trash (always loose $400)

  • Buy for $1000.
  • Clear for $200.
  • Sell for $800.

[4] Enville

  • Find the cardboard houses scattered at the further ends on the tracks.
  • Go up the tower, then outside to remove the cardboard stuck to the glass windows.

[5] Catrough

  • Repaired all parts of those 2 train cars.
  • Gone to the left of the tracks to pick up those scattered chair and toilet paper.
  • Repairs all train tracks and boards.
  • Tiny room at the very top next to the objective levers.

[6] Philville

  • There is a coke can hiding behind a monitor in the computer room.
  • There is a staircase leading to the second floor in the computer room.
  • On the second floor there is a door that can’t be opened.
  • Repair the tracks on the right after exiting main hub.
  • Press L to turn on torch.
  • Remove a couple flags or cloth hanging from lamps or signs (some on the tracks).
  • Enter the train from the ladders near the back.
  • Press the Wheel to move train to wash.
  • Exit train, go up to terminal on the right and wash it.
  • Move the train again.

[7] Railtown

  • Clean behind the train (watch the cloth and newspaper as well).
  • Repair all train parts, including the back.
  • There are some cigarettes that are hard to spot near the center hub.
  • Place the radioactive substance in the fences of area at the starting point (not in skippers).
  • Repair all train tracks.

[8] Tunnel

  • Some rocks are considered trash, especially the ones on the tracks.
  • Pick red mushrooms for dinner (4 or 5, I forget).
  • There is a pathway up to a childrens play area that needs cleaning.
  • Repair all parks of the train car.
  • There is a cobweb in one of the rooms.
  • Yes, place 14 electronic equipment… Maybe choose the mice?
  • Repair parts of the tracks in the tunnel.

[9] Farmley

  • There are 5 clock parts all on the bottom floor.
  • Click on clock after finishing.
  • Clear out scaffolding and the dust underneath.
  • There is a broken window where the computers are.
  • Repair and clear the train you can enter.
  • Repair the container train with the logs as well.
  • There is a cobweb in the computer room.
  • There is a cobweb in the clean bathroom.

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