Trapped In Stone – Complete Walkthrough Guide

If you don’t want to walkthrough this game yourself, and just want to quickly collect your two achievements, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will direct you through the game step-by-step.

Guide to Walkthrough

Game Controls

There are only 2 controls.

  1. Movement is simply W-A-S-D. There is no running or crouching.
  2. Left-click mouse to perform an action on an item. A semi-transparent dot in the center of your view will usually appear when an item can be interacted with. (Note: There is an occasional glitch in that sometimes things cannot be interacted with until the dot appears).

Outside The Bunker (Part 1)

  1. A grenade will thrown in front of you. Quickly move away from the grenade, mainly to the side of the screen, but a little forward.
  2. Another grenade will be thrown in front of you. Now quickly move to the opposite side of the screen, mainly to the side, but a little forward.
  3. As grenades are thrown, keep repeating this zigzag process until you make it to the bunker.
  4. Click on the door. When you successfully make it, there will be a VERY long black loading screen.

Inside The Bunker

  1. Go down the steps to the landing, and pick up the lantern.
  2. Continue down to the door at the bottom of the steps (To open doors, first click the lever in the center of the door to unlock it, then click the left-side handle to open).
  3. Enter into the Generator Room. Click anywhere on the generator, and you will be informed the generator is out of fuel.
  4. Go through the door by the generator to enter the next room, which I call the Triple Door Room.
  5. Go through Door #1 (your immediate left), into what I call the Gas Tank Room. Go into the far right corner, with your face against the wall, and turn left until the side of the bookcase is in front of you.
  6. Click on the bookcase and walk forward to push it. Push it until stops moving, and it will reveal a hidden alcove behind it.
  7. In this alcove you will find a door lever and a radio. Pick up the door lever. Click on the radio, and you will be informed it won’t work unless you get the generator working first.
  8. Turn around and go back into the Triple Door Room. Walk straight across the room until you get to Door #3, which has a missing lever. Click to install the door lever you are carrying.
  9. Go through the door and up the steps. At the top, turn right and walk down that hall. At the end of the hall, turn left, and click on the narrow opening in the wall, which will make you will turn sideways.
  10. Shimmy sideways through the opening, which will be very slow. On the other side, you will again find a hidden alcove. Pick up the dynamite, and shimmy sideways back through the narrow opening.
  11. Walk back down into the Triple Door Room, and go to Door #2, which will now be on your immediate right (and it’s the only door still unopened). Click to put the dynamite on the door, then quickly step back.
  12. After the explosion, go through the door. You will be in a very short hallway. Walk through to the next room. There are stairs on the left.
  13. Walk up the stairs as far as you can. You will see a metal platform about eye level. Click on the platform to activate the “jump sequence”. A horizontal bar will appear with a thick red line in the center of it, and a skinny white line moving back and forth quickly. In order to jump, click the spacebar to make the white line stop on the red line.
  14. Once you’re on the metal platform, pick up the bolt cutters. Once again, walk back into the Triple Door Room. This time, turn left.
  15. Once again, go through Door #3 and up the steps. At the top, this time turn left and walk down that hall. When you reach a chained door, use the bolt cutters on it.
  16. Go through the door, and talk to the injured American doctor sitting on the floor.
  17. After the conversation, go through the door on the right that the doctor just warned you not to open. Walk down the hallway and find the gas can sitting on the floor.
  18. Shoot into the darkness until the gun stops shooting. The monster attacks, and throws you back into the room with the doctor (who is now dead, crushed by the door).
  19. Walk back into the Generator Room. Click the generator to pour the fuel into it. Again, the monster attacks, and breaks all the fingers on your left hand.
  20. Walk back into the Gas Tank Room, all the way to the back where the hidden alcove is. Click to use the radio.
  21. The monster attacks you a 3rd time. Shoot the big red gas tank instead of the monster.
  22. Escape the bunker by running through the fire. The generator is now spitting out fire like a flamethrower, so you must time it carefully to get by.

Outside The Bunker (Part 2)

  1. You get outside just in time to see the Americans fleeing in their vehicle. The monster attacks you for a 4th time, and throws you a short distance. This distance is what gives you a headstart.
  2. Walk to the gun surrounded by sandbags in the distance. (FYI, the monster will be walking a little ways behind you). Click to use the gun. If you clicked correctly, your hands will come up. Click the spacebar to fix your broken fingers.
  3. Shoot the monster. The gun will be aimed mid-level, at the monster’s torso. When you are hitting him correctly, you will be able to see small spurts of blood coming out of him. If he reaches you, you die, so just keep shooting. This is it. Either he dies, or you do.

Bonus Video

After the game ends, stay tuned to watch a few minutes of cool video footage. The footage is from inside the real bunker this game is based on.

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