Trash Bomber – Useful Tips and Tricks

Basics on how to play the game. Tips on how to optimise play through with minimal time spent.

Tips and Tricks

Scan, Analyse, Click

This game helps hone your field of vision and pattern recognition abilities. It will help assist your judgment skills in proceeding or opting for a faster level (should you choose to play the way I wanted, which was quick completion).

  1. Look at the basic outline shape
  2. Compare the inner design
  3. Colour code the objects ie. dark background, light-coloured shapes

Use the Incinerate button!

2-3 seconds into the stage, if you are unable to spot the two different shape types, skip to the next tone. Each stage can be done within 5-10 seconds on the easiest difficulty. The duration will increase with difficulty, as well as the quantity of objects to find, along with their increased complexity in shape and inner design.

  • If the two objects are of the same outer shape, but have a distinct inner design, proceed.
  • If the two objects are two different outer shape, proceed.
  • If the two objects have the same outer shape, but similar (ie, same lines, small design like a dot that differentiates), inner design, skip.
  • If the two objects have same outer shape, but has one blank and one inner design, depends. Proceed if the design is clear and distinct, skip if looking for the blank design unless easily spotted.
  • If the two objects have a different outer shape, different inner design, skip.

At the highest difficulty, you will receive the proportionate amount of 5 points compared to the lowest difficulty of 1, but you would take more time.

If you intend to play for achievements, selecting the lowest difficulty and breezing through 5 stages to get the same amount of points might be faster than slogging through one level of the highest difficulty. 5-10 seconds each stage, 500 stages, 40-80 minutes of gameplay.

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