Treasure of Nadia – Fishing Lures List

Here you can find list of lures that you need for fishing.

List of Fishing Lures


  • Seaperch: (Heavy) Natural Plug
  • Rockfish: (Heavy) Green Jig
  • Tuna: (Heavy) Pink Squid
  • Marlin: (Heavy) Green Squid
  • Hammerhead: (Heavy) Natural Jig
  • Great White: (Heavy) Pink Plug

Normal version of lures work for the same fish but there’s a higher chance of losing the fish and/or the lure if the fish is to large.

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  1. Thank you for finding this out, as it was a great help.
    To quickly add the following weights need to be caught for the achievement.
    Seaperch : larger than 5 lbs.
    Rockfish : larger than 28 lbs.
    Tuna : larger than 105 lbs.
    Hammerhead : larger than 1000 lbs.
    Marlin : larger than 1000 lbs.
    Great White : larger than 3000 lbs.(Bruce)

  2. I only need to catch a 3,000 lb great white but i can’t get it yet, maybe you have to be so far into the game for it to pop up. I think I am at 65% complete.

  3. my own experience is that I caught a 3000lb a long time ago in the game (40-50%), but I can’t catch the final hammerhead I need…(82%).

  4. I’m not sure, but after epilogue you can pick up another fish at a pier, which says smth like “all fish got bigger”. I caught everything pre epilogues and didnt try after so cannot confirm.

  5. One point it took me too long to work out was to pay attention to the type and size of fish that are in the sea.

    If the type you want isn’t there then exit and re-enter the beach until it appears. If you only see small fish of the type you want when you’re after a larger one do the same.

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