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Is it all of them? Are they in the right place? Maybe. I would enlist a crew mate and think, “I wonder what that perk does?”. Hopefully this helps others.

Guide to Perks


Aside: Assume that your crew member must be in the appropriate position. Shield ‘whatever’ must be in the shield room, weapons ‘whatever’ must be in the weapons room, etc.

All of the perk definitions were copied from the “Free Play” section of the game. If the wording seems ambiguous (author shrugs and looks off into the distance)…


  • Hulk: Units health increases by 50.
  • Assault Body Armor: Incoming damage is reduced by 25%.
  • Sprinter: Movement speed increases by 1.
  • Lucky: Avoids taking any damage with a probability of 50%.


  • Master Mechanic: Adds 1 point of energy.
  • Electrician: Adds 2 points of energy to the system in their module.
  • Technician: Protects 100% of system levels from EMP in the occupied module.
  • Master Engineer: Adds 2 levels to the occupied system.
  • Earthing: Consumes 6 scrap, removes all EMP damage on the ship.
  • Backup Power: Adds 4 points of energy to the reactor for 60 seconds. Consumes 1 fuel.


  • Shield Operator: Shield recovery increases by 2 points/per second.
  • Shield Expert: Shield capacity increases by 10 points of generator energy supplied.
  • Shield Master: After recharging, shield switches on with 100% charge.
  • Shield Overload: Consumes 1 fuel. Instantly doubles the current shield value. Also doubles the maximum shield value for 30 seconds.
  • Raise Shields: Consumes 1 fuel. Instantly restores 100% of the shield on your ship.
  • Shield Boost: Consumes 1 fuel and increases shield recovery rate by 10 points/sec. For 30 seconds.

Hyper Drive

  • Hyper drive Operator: The ships evasion increases by 5%.
  • Off We Go!: Consumes 2 fuel and instantly charges the hyper drive.
  • Acceleration: Your ship’s evasion increases by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • Hyper drive Expert: When entering a system with a combat event, the hyper drive is fully charged.


  • Weapons Operator: Weapons charge 30% faster.
  • Master Gunner: Deals double damage with each shot with a probability of 20%.
  • Weapon Expert: The weapon is instantly charged with a probability of 20%.
  • Bullseye: Accuracy increases to 100% for 10 seconds.
  • Rapid Fire: Weapons charge twice as fast.
  • Harpoon: The next hit on an enemy ship completely resets its hyper drive charge, consuming 2 fuel.


  • Pilot Operator: Ships evasion increases by 10%.
  • Natural Born Ace: Hull damage is halved when the unit is in the operator’s position on the bridge.
  • Steady Hand: Evasion increases by 0.2% for every 1% HP the ship loses.
  • Battle Run: For 10 seconds the evasion of your ship and the selected enemy ship drops to zero.
  • Maneuvering: The ship’s evasion increases by 50% for 10 seconds.


  • Medic Operator: Medbay restores 2hp/sec more.
  • Combat Medic: Restores 2 HP/sec. To all friendly units in their module.
  • Ship’s Doctor: Restores 0.5 HP/sec. to all friendly units on the ship.
  • Treatment: Restores 5 HP/sec. to all crew members in the occupied module. Consumes 2 supplies.
  • Resuscitation: Resurrects a selected friendly unit on the same ship. Consumes 10 scraps and 1 fuel. The resurrected unit recovers 50% of their HP.
  • Emergency Aid: Instantly restores 50 HP to the friendly unit with the lowest HP on the same ship. Consumes 1 supplies.


  • Warrior: Damage increases by 1. Incoming damage is reduced by 25%.
  • Sharpened Claws: Close combat damage increases by 1 and has a 50% chance of causing bleeding to the enemy.
  • Chitin Armor: Incoming damage is reduced by 30%.
  • Bloodsucker: Restores health equal to 30% of the damage dealt in close combat.
  • Close Combat Master: Close combat damage increases by 2.
  • Fastest Gun in the Cosmic Badlands: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Ranged combat damage increases by 10%.
  • Crusher: Damage to doors and systems increases by 5.
  • Blasting Charge: Plants a bomb in the module. The bomb explodes 3 seconds after it is planted, dealing 30 damage to enemy units,doors and ship systems in the module.
  • Flash Bang: Enemy units are stunned. Effective in the module where the unit is located.


  • At the double!: Instantly recharges the active skills of all friendly units on the ship the captain is on. Consumes 10 supplies (Captain).
  • Impassioned speech: Instantly boosts the morale of all friendly units on the ship by 0.5. Consumes 2 supplies (Captain).
  • Nano-Machines: Their half-organic structure allows Taertikons to cure wounds with the help of nano-machines that are produced inside their own bodies.
  • Shield Block: Consumes 4 scrap. Temporarily blocks 4 points of shield generator energy on the enemy ship (Sensors operator).
  • Target System Jammer: Consumes 3 scrap. Temporarily blocks 4 points of weapon system energy on the enemy ship (Sensors operator).
  • Sprinkler System: Consumes 3 supplies and instantly extinguishes all fires on the ship (Airlock operator).
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