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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing save game from Github or Kongregate?

  • Yes! You will be able to import your saved game from Github or Kongregate and continue where you left off on the Steam version.

I imported my save but haven’t gotten Steam achievements?

  • Go to the Achievements page in Trimps and hit the Sync Achievements with Steam button.

I use a custom addon for Trimps. Can I use it with the Steam version?

  • Yes, if you use addons, it is possible to install the same addons you use on the web in the Steam version of the game. Follow the instructions of the addon’s developer on how to do that.

Linux/MacOS version?

  • There are currently no plans for MacOS. Linux might happen but nothing is set in stone yet. A lot of it is going to depend on how well the game does, and who knows what the future may bring.

I’m starting a new game. Is there a way I can get the bones I bought back on Kongregate?

  • When you buy bones on Steam, you receive them in form of a Steam Inventory item. This item will stay on your account indefinitely. Unfortunately, we have no way to manually give users Steam Inventory items, so to give you back your Kongregate bones, we have to do it the old fashioned way.

Is the game still being updated?

  • Yes! You can see a changelog with dates by clicking the What’s New button in-game in the bottom-most right side, here is a quick link to it: Changelog[] (Beware, as it is full of spoilers!). More updates will most certainly be coming in the future 🙂

Can I use Playfab on Steam, similar to how it is on the web version?

  • The Steam version of Trimps will keep your save nice and snuggly on your Steam account in the Steam Cloud. I believe there are no plans at the current time for an additional Playfab integration. Playfab has gotten seriously expensive over time and incurs pretty significant costs, whereas Steam Cloud is offered to us at no additional cost and serves the same purpose, with the only caveat being that you cannot effortlessly switch between Steam and Web using Playfab. There have been quite a few people asking however so we might think about it some more, but I make no promises at this time.

Can I have multiple saves in the Steam version?

  • You can use the Export/Import feature to export saves to a file on your computer, and use that to store as many games as you would like on your computer. You can also use the web version of Trimps to simultaneously play on another save file at the same time.

Can I make the game fullscreen?

  • Yup, you can toggle fullscreen with F11! See a full list of keys in the hotkeys menu by going to Settings -> Hotkeys or by pressing the K key in-game.

Will you be able to use autotrimps with Steam version?

  • Yes, you will – in fact some versions already support it.

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