Triple Take – How to Beat Final Boss

This guide will help with boss phases 2 and 3.

Final Boss Help

Phase 2

Phase 2 is like the world 2 boss, attack one is boxes coming down from the sky and splitting, make sure to land in large spaces and jump over two boxes at a time if necessary.

  • Attack 2: is projectiles from the sky, make sure to look above your character to detect and incoming projectiles, move as needed.
  • Attack 3: is a projectile blast, just move out of the way.
  • Attack 4: is projectiles from both sides, try not to move much from side to side, but if needed, move away from projectile, then towards when high enough. (tip: projectiles come from the side you are looking at)

At the end of this phase, a wall will come at you, at this point you must run all the way to the left.

Phase 3

In this phase you will want to stay to one side or the other depending on which attack.

  • Attack 1: raining balls that are almost the same as one of the attacks in phase two, just a little more extreme.
  • Attack 2: The boss will shoot out multiple projectiles at once in a curved pattern, it does this while going from side to side, go to the right side immediately and move left and right according to the bullet pattern.
  • Attack 3: homing bullets will come at you, step to the side as they come and during times of break start stepping to the other side.
  • Attack 4: this is a spray pattern of bullets that you will want to go into and run out of the other side of.
  • Attack 5: the boss will shoot at you will giant projectiles bounce around the screen, the corners are usually safe but if not, jump above the ball and make sure to go right and left to avoid the bullets.

But mostly, get good RNG for easy attacks.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I haven’t beaten the boss yet. I was really enjoying the game until this boss. There is no reason to have the final boss have so many random attacks with very little room to manuever.

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