Truck Truck – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievements Guide

Press “L” to instantly finish any level.

Unplug your controller if it doesn’t work.

Find? – Yes!

  • Level 1: Destroy any platform.

Find? – Yes!

  • Have any cargo fall off the truck.
  • Level 5: Destroy the left platform to drop the cargo and start the truck. The right platform will push the cargo off the truck.

Find? – Yes!

  • Level 6: Drive the truck into the dynamite.

Find? – Yes!

  • Have any junk fall off the truck.
  • Level 19: Drop the triangle and circle into the truck and start it. Drop the next triangle then the dynamite on the truck as well.

Level 30 – End!

  • Level 30: Finish the level.

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