Try To Remember – Walkthrough and Achievements Guide (with Game-Ruining Hints)

I provide a series of prompts. If you remember everything on the prompts, you will be able to finish the game perfectly. But this would be cheating.

Complete Walkthrough

Intro and Misc. Achievements

The objective of this game is to memorize details about a series of three rooms. You then answer multiple choice questions about the rooms. If you get three wrong, you lose. If you clear three rooms, you win. If you don’t know an answer, you can use a rewind to temporarily study again.

The following achievements take place outside the main game:

  • Congratulations!: Beat the game once
  • Herlock Sholmes: Beat the game 5 times
  • It’s Not Rewind Time!: Beat the game without rewinding
  • Perfect memory!: Beat the game without making mistakes (possibly or rewinding)
  • Let me remember: Use rewind
  • Most Wanted: Check the credits
  • Better become a game developer…: Lost the game (make 3 mistakes)
  • What’s that attitude!?: Say “No” in response to the question “Are you ready?” before the game starts

The below sections list the three rooms and which details you need to memorize. Note that the order of the segments below is random, so just quickly get a feel for which segment is which.

Just a brief note – you really, really, really shouldn’t be reading this guide. You’ll enjoy the game more if you do it yourself. Obviously it’s easier to memorize a series of things you’re told to look for than it is to memorize things generally and never quite know what you’ll be asked. So don’t use this guide. Stop cheating. Seriously.

Restaurant and Bar

The following are the list of things you need to memorize in the restaurant and bar area:

  • Colour of chairs
  • Colour of sleeping suit man
  • Time on clock (zoom in)
  • Red dress woman activity: no red dress woman, standing, leaning, sitting on stool
  • Table count (4 + the number of stacked tables in corner)
  • Prices for drinks (wine and whiskey are 3rd and 4th)
  • Number of barrels (could be 0)
  • Label on box behind bar (zoom in)

In addition, zooming in on the flashing item on the shelf behind the bar unlocks the Party Mousenager! achievement.


These are the details you need to memorize in the garage area

  • Time on clock (above bicycle, left side of room, zoom in)
  • Contents of painting
  • Bike colour
  • What’s on the rusty table next to the picture (right of bike)
  • What colour is the car
  • Are car doors open (left side only, right side only, both, or no)
  • Does the car have spare wheels? (left side only, right side only, both, or no — look near the front of the car)
  • Where’s the vase?
  • Where’s the gun?
  • What’s on the “wood shelf” (with drink glasses, near the back of the car)

I also recorded the colour of the cat (though I think it’s always black)


The following details need to be recorded for the apartment area.

  • Time on click (above TV, zoom in)
  • Colour and location of the cat (might be nothing)
  • Wallpaper colour
  • Sport listed on trophy on shelf (zoom in)
  • Location of dynamite (below table, on top of shelf)
  • How many paintings on walls (could be 0)
  • What type of show is on TV (zoom in or listen)
  • “Jar” (vase) location (might not be there)
  • Sofa colour

I also recorded the colour of the man’s suit and the woman’s dress and the number of boxes, though did not find that these varied.

I believe the achievement That little box… is unlocked by zooming in on the TV and staying there for a little while.

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