Tyrone vs Cops – How to Effectively Use the Blicky

How to use the blicky effectively in the hit action game Tyrone vs Cops.

Guide to Effectively Use the Blicky

How to Start

  1. As a famous snitch once said “Blicky got the stiffy” Tyrone is no snitch but make sure you got your blicky ready and move a lot as staying still will probably get you killed.
  2. You need to put in some time to master the blicky, and true control is reachable after around 30 minutes yeah you actually have to play the game.
  3. Avoid as many shots as possible usually i find that hitting [Q] to roll and jumping while running and being unpredictable helps you avoid a lot of shots.
  4. Focus you need the focus of a buddhist the moment you lose focus you will get shot a few times and fail Tyrone.
  5. Remember you’re shooting American police so it should make you feel better.
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Remember the steps and you can reach a godly level.

Note: Also getting the upgrades helps you survive longer.

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