Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts – Ranged Fights Tips

Here you can find some useful tips for ranged fights in the Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Tips to Ranged Fights

  • The distance vs. the range of the guns (plunging shot on the opponent’s deck vs. grazing shot against the side).
  • The number of guns the opponent can bring to bear against various directions – engage in a way to minimize the opponent’s fire power.
  • The angle to the opponent (ricochets!).
  • Think about your prefered engagement range and how to get there safely (manoeuvre, ricochet angle…).
  • Try to force enemy ships to leave the battle line (torps!) and isolate them to generate local superiority of fire.
  • Exploit weaknesses – if the enemy ship is hit and flods, it slows down and gets easier to hit. Maximize your accuracy in this situation (stop manoeuvering, go broadside, etc).

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