Ultrakill – A Quick Easy Guide The Final P2 Boss

This is a quick and easy guide to help those struggling with the final boss of P2!

How to Beat The Final P2 Boss

The Ways

For starters, we should talk patterns. The Big Strong Man is extremely fast so it is important to use all of our senses. Listen for sound cues if you can, and remember if he is not in front of you he is probably above you.

Now, there are two ways to beat this Boss. The first way is fairly simple, shoot the boss until he dies and do not get hit. Easy.

Or you can fall out of the walls, which is great because he happens to be allergic to the void. So be prepared!

How do you get out of The Walls? It is easy! Struggle for about an hour and somehow clip though. After waiting a few moments, he should self destruct due to allergies.

Hope this guide was helpful!

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