Ultrakill – How to Access and Defeat the Hardest Secret Boss in 4-2 (Harder Than Minos)

In this guide i will show you how to fight the hardest boss in Ultrakill.

Guide to Beat Secret Boss in 4-2


As many of you know the weird ice guy boss fight is the hardest one in the entire game at the moment (second to hardest). But what you may not know is that there is a harder one located in the level 4-2. In this guide I will show you how to access him and share tips on beating him. I will try my hardest not to spoil the battle too much as i think it wouldnt be fun.

Please note that this guide may have spoilers for the 4-2 level (of course it does), so please make sure to play it throught first.

Where Is He Located?

You can start boss hunting at about the mid-point of the level. In the area shown here:

The first step is to walk thro the boss-like-totally-safe-door and look to your left. You should see a pathway made from destroyed pillars which give you access to the ledge of the sand building thing.

Go to the end of the pathway, you should see an ugly face button. Press it.

After that’s done, backtrack to your first encounter with the stalkers from the hit video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and while looking at the statues of the competetive bowling champions (also known as nerds) that you have destroyed go right as shown here.

Collect the orb and pick up the My Little Pony symbol and explode yourself onto the roof of the big building. Locate the gray podium and while you’re up there locate the weird green lady I see in the movies.

Place the weird lookin’ buttplug onto the podium and you should notice that you can see less. This is called “Night”, I know this concept may be really hard to understand but sometimes the sun just decides to go underground? It’s hard to explain and makes no sense, but try to ignore it.


Go up to the biggest woman I’ve seen in my life you scouted before and prepare for the most painful boss fight you will ever expirience in a video game.

Tips on Fighting the Boss

As I said before this boss fight is incredibly hard, so prepare yourself mentally for about ~150 restarts, atleast. Even though this battle is very unfair, hakita has blessed us with a VERY long intro animation in which he can be damaged. But here’s the catch, you can only attack his weak point during this animation. The intro starts right when you go around the corner, so you have to be fast to deal massive damage to his weakpoint.

So the first thing you should do is attack the sand castle.

I know it may seem weird (i think this is supposed to be a joke boss, explains the difficulty), but it’s a great way to make the battle a ton easier.

More tips are:

  • Use the marksman pistol’s coins as he will move the sand castle onto his back, which is hard to hit without the use of coins.
  • Dealing alotta damage to his legs (for example with a railgun) will stagger him.
  • He is fast and deals a ton of damage, so only try to heal when he is staggered or recovering from one of his “special attacks” (trying my best not to spoil the fight).

My final tip is to not give up! I wish I could give more tactical information, but i dont want to spoil the fun. Good luck!

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  1. why do people put themselves through this uber-nightmare of a boss fight, legit pissed my pants when the fight began and the boss one-shot me

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