Uncharted Waters Origin – Fishing Guide

Try fishing while sailing to obtain variety of fish based on the region, weather and climate.

How to Fish


Fishing is available when sailing or anchored at sea, and a fishing rod is required.

Throwing out fish paste before fishing increases the chance of encountering a rare species.

Fishing rod and paste required for fishing can be purchased from the Item Shop.

How to Fish

  • Select your ship out at sea.
  • Select the ‘Fish’ button at the button.
  • Select the Fishing Rod and the Paste in possession to be used.
  • Select the ‘Fish’ button at the bottom-right corner.

If a paste was selected, a ‘Paste’ button is created above the ‘Fish’ button.

Select the ‘Paste’ button to temporarily increase the chance of encountering a higher grade fish.

  • Wait patiently for a fish appear.
  • When a fish appears, select the ‘Fish’ button right as the fish approaches the hook.
  • Once a fish gets hooked, the fish’s HP is displayed as a yellow bar.

The fish is successfully reeled in upon depleting the HP.

To bring down the fish’s HP, select the ‘Fish’ button when the yellow line is within the green area below the fish’s HP.

You can fish as much as you like, but if a fish’s HP is not depleted within the limited attempts, the fish will escape.

Fishing tip: Timing the yellow line at the middle of the bright green area will bring down the fish’s HP even more.

Fishing Rewards

Upon successfully fishing, a discovery is made as a reward.

The obtained discovery can be registered into the encyclopedia.

All new discoveries can be used to brag to a tavern employee or reported to a noble estate at a port.

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