Uncharted Waters Origin – How to Battle

In Uncharted Waters Origin, you will be able to engage in battle against other admirals and NPCs.

Battle Guide


Variety of rewards can be earned by defeating other fleets in battle.

Bring down the enemy flagship’s durability to 0, or defeat the opposing admiral in a 1 vs. 1 duel to win the battle.

How to Start Battle

Select a ship to engage in battle while sailing and then select the ‘Battle’ button at the center bottom to start the battle.

Before a battle starts, you must scout out the enemy and choose the appropriate response.

You can either choose to fight, parley, flee or surrender. The enemy will also make a selection based on your response.

The battle objectives will be displayed upon starting a battle.

There may be additional objectives besides the victory and defeat objectives as well.

You can choose to move, use skills or items, or wait during your turn.

When choosing to move, the ship’s movement range will be displayed.

Select the tile you wish to move to, and then select the subsequent action such as skill, item or wait.

Note: The terrain, water and ship type will affect the ability to move and the movement range in battle.

If there are enemy ships within an ally ship’s range, the enemy ship can be selected to immediately attack.

This feature will always command the ally ship to attack with a basic attack from the most advantageous position.

Each ship’s previously used skill and item will automatically be registered into the quick slot for repeated use in the next turn.

All of the saved quick slots reset when the current battle ends.

After a ship moves, they will be able to either attack with artillery, ram, duel, and repair or use other skills based on their position.

Artillery: Damages the durability of enemy ship with artillery fire.

Ram: Damage the durability of enemy ship by colliding into it.

Ramming is only available when there is a direct path between you and the target ship.

Melee: Board the enemy ship to reduce the number of crews in the enemy ship.

Melee is only available when the target ship is directly next to the attacking ship.

Duel: Challenge the enemy admiral in a 1 vs. 1 duel.

Winning will sink the enemy flagship.

But the deck height must be identical, and the enemy admiral must accept the challenge for a duel to be started.

Repair: Repairs the durability of the ship based on the Repair Amount.

Medicine: Recovers the number of crews in a ship based on the Recovery Amount.

Mate Skill: Use the skill of a mate assigned to the ship.

Admiral’s Order: A unique skill only available to the currently assigned admiral.

  • Select the Admiral Icon at the bottom right side of the screen at the start of battle to use the Admiral’s Order.
  • ‘Morale’ is required to use any Admiral’s Order skill.
  • ‘Morale’ can increase or decrease as the battle progresses.


Engage in battle against other player admirals instead of NPCs.

To fight against other admirals, you must be in hostile waters without naval protection.

Naval protection can be adjusted with the icon located at the top-left side of the screen.

Protection can be deactivated during a voyage, but you must dock at a port in order to activate it again.

1 Naval Protection will be consumed upon deactivating.

Battle Rewards

Ducat, EXP, Battle Fame, Gear, various materials and tools can be acquired upon winning a battle.

Battle Defeat

When defeated in battle against an NPC, Redo can be used to retry the battle or accept defeat.

Upon defeat, you can choose to resurrect from the spot before starting the battle, or from the nearest port.

Instant Resurrection costs Blue Gems.

It restores the number of crews and durability of your ships, but food and water supplies will not be refilled.

Choose carefully before making the decision.

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