Uncharted Waters Origin – Sailing Objects Guide

Sailing Objects refer to certain interactive objects that are scattered out in the sea.

Guide to Sailing Objects

General Overview

Directly interact with the objects, or approach the object area to gain various effects.

Sailing objects may grant beneficial effects such as increase crew numbers, obtain supplies and materials, initiate quests.

But there are also harmful effects such as decrease crew numbers, sailing speed and others.

Make use of the sailing objects to your own preference to experience a more realistic voyage.

Sailing Object Types and Effects


  • Increases number of crew

Oak Barrel

  • Obtain 1 out of Water, Food and Regional Specialty

Treasure Chest

  • Obtain 1 out of Mate Gear and Currency

Material Flotsam

  • Obtain Materials

Bottled Letter

  • Initiate Quest

Sunken Ship (Player)

  • Increases Fame (Sunken player receives letter of lost article)

Sunken Ship (NPC)

  • Sunken Ship Exploration Available

Salvage Ship

  • After completing a certain condition, use Special Skill at designated coordinates to get a chance to create a Sunken Ship at the location

Note: If your current crew or hold is already full when the Sailing Object effect activates, you will not be able to obtain the Sailing Object rewards.


  • Decreases number of crew


  • Decreases number of crew

Fishing Spot

  • Increases chance of fishing rare species

Ghost Ship

  • Decreases morale


  • Removes status effects


  • Increases chance of successful fishing


  • Outskirts: Changes direction of ships
  • Center: Decreases durability of ships


  • Decreases sailing speed
  • Decreases durability of ships


  • Increases search range

Small Ship

  • Decreases durability of ships upon colliding


  • Decreases durability of ships upon colliding

Sunken Ship Debris

  • Decreases sailing speed
  • Decreases durability of ships.

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