Uncharted Waters Origin – Search and Exploration Guide

Resources and discoveries can be made by performing searches and explorations while sailing.

How to Search and Exploration

Searches and Explorations can be executed while sailing by going through objects out at sea, or by making a temporary landing on land to explore and gather from the area, while making discoveries and finding resources.


Upon finding a suspicious area while sailing, select the ship to execute a search of the area.

The ‘Search’ icon must be selected after selecting the ship, and a ‘Telescope’ is consumed to execute a search.

Note: Telescopes can be purchased from the Item Shop located in specific ports.

Once a search is over, a message will pop-up to notify of a new discovery and highlight the suspicious area with a yellow ‘Telescope’ icon.

Upon selecting the yellow ‘Telescope’ icon, a unique camera animation is played at the location to make a discovery.

Even after making the discovery, the yellow ‘Telescope’ icon can be selected again to repeat the camera animation.


Approach a landing location while sailing and select the ship to execute an exploration of the landing area.

An ‘Exploration Bedroll’ is consumed to execute an exploration.

Note: Exploration Bedrolls can be purchased from the Item Shop located in specific ports.

Select the ‘Explore’ button to view all of the possible discoveries and rewards that can be made from the area, and different modes can be chosen based on the purpose of the exploration.

Each area has unique regional traits that require exploration skills.

And exploring an area that compliments the skills will have better results.

Exploration skills are calculated based on the mate’s expertise, skills, effects and commands.

Select either Exploration or Gathering Mode to view an estimate the cost of food, water and crew to be used in the exploration.

The expected outcome can also be viewed based on your current exploration skills.

If there are any areas that are lacking for the planned exploration, tools can be used to compensate and temporarily gain additional values.

When staring an Exploration or a Gathering Mode, each day will pass by with either a combat, observation or a gathering event.

Each event has a chance to either succeed or fail.

The ‘Skip’ button located at the top-right corner can be used to ignore the events.

Upon completing an exploration, the results screen will display the exact cost of the exploration as well as the obtained rewards.

Discovery Reports

New discoveries can sometimes be made through searching and exploring.

All of the discoveries that were made can be viewed in the Encyclopedia and they can be used to increase friendship with a tavern employee or reported to an estate to earn variety of rewards.

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