Undisputed – Aspect Ratio Fix

Simple aspect ratio fix so you can play at your desired resolution without any software.


I cannot guarantee that this will work for other aspect ratios than 21:9 and if it works on your machine nor the fact that this will get you banned or anything.

This is a simple quick hack for all Unity games that has forced resolutions


  • At least 2 monitors (One that has at least the supported resolution like 1920×1080)
  • Keyboard with arrow keys


  1. Have the game open
  2. Depending on your monitor positions, press WIN+SHIFT+The Arrow key that you will need to switch to the the 16:9 monitor to (e.g. My 16:9 monitor is on the right, so I will press WIN+SHIFT+Right Arrow)
  3. Do it again but reverse the arrows so it goes to your 21:9 monitor (21:9 monitor is on the left, WIN+SHIFT+Left Arrow)

Screenshots for 21:9

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