Undisputed – Heavyweight Fighters Guide

In this list I will tell you how to use some of the most popular fighters efficiently to get wins.

Guide to Heavyweight Fighters

Disclaimer and FAQ

Disclaimer: This guide will not go over Rocky Marciano or Joe Louis. This is because, being honest, I do not play them nor do I go against them often enough to give you a full list. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

This list is made by a Undisputed ranked player with the current W/L of 185 – 39.

This list is made for Online play advice, not Player VS AI.

Learn The Basics

First of all, you should learn the basics of every character by using the tutorial and playing VS AI. You need to get comfortable with the following controls, refer to the list below;

Very Important:

  • Basic Movement
  • Basic Punches
  • Body Punches
  • Counter Punches
  • Power Punches
  • Dodging and Weaving

Can Be Important:

  • Combinations (Currently unreliable and easily countered by jabs, the gameplay is heavily focused on targeting ONE part of the body rather than comboing multiple body parts.).

Not Important:

  • Switching Stances (Not useful in Multiplayer)
  • Clinching (Not present in Multiplayer)
  • Focusing Cuts (Unreliable and nearly impossible to win with)

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is the tallest playable character in the game and has the longest arm length. He is very versatile, tough and the second best heavyweight.

12 Round Fighter

Tyson Fury is very fast and should be played fast too. Use your speed to move around the ring away from your opponent as your tall length makes you weak to body shots. The best combo is jabbing once then backhand, then moving away. Keep in mind Tyson Fury is a 12-round fighter, he has a damage debuff for the first 8 rounds. In these 8 rounds you should focus on keeping distance while using jabs and backhands to win points. Getting cornered or having a still-fight will most certainly make you vulnerable as most players will target the huge body of Fury.


  • Speed, movement and punching.
  • Durability, able to take a lot of damage.
  • 12 Round fighter, receives a buff to stamina recovery and damage after the 8th round.
  • Long reach, easy jabs and backhands for those who don’t wish for scrappy fights.
  • Counters, easy to weave back and jab for counters.


  • Big body, very vulnerable to body shots in close range.
  • Strength, Tyson Fury is not the strongest fighter and is not meant to be. He has an active damage debuff until the 8th round.
  • Short fights, Tyson Fury has multiple debuffs for the first 8 rounds.

Muhammad Ali

Yes, he is the greatest, and this is no different in Undisputed. Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest boxers to live, combining strength and speed he has many keys to victory within the game.

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali is the most picked fighter in Undisputed, he has very little weaknesses and a lot of strength. His speed and power means he can spam hooks and body shots in quick succession for easy dazes, knock downs and KO’s. You will want to use his right hook very frequently for the best chance of knockdowns. His speed also makes it so he can throw up to 4 hooks in under 5 seconds.


  • Power, Muhammad Ali has the best power in the game, his hooks are deadly.
  • Speed, Ali’s speed is unmatched, he can land 4 hooks in quick succession and move out of the way of counters or body shots very fast.
  • Recovery, Muhammad Ali can get up easier than most fighters while also gaining +4 stamina recovery every round.
  • Combos, Ali can throw body and head combos very fast.
  • Durability, Ali can withstand a LOT of punishment.


  • Taller fighters, Ali relies on speed and power to take the victory, however he will struggle to get close to a Tyson Fury or Wilder if kept at bay with jabs and counters.
  • Power Punches, Ali does not need power punches and most of the time they will negate his speed.

Oleksandr Usyk

The Ukrainian Cat. Speed and distance are the friend of Usyk. The fastest heavyweight in the game with no slow down while guarding unlike other fighters. Few will manage to catch you if played right.

The Cat

Like the name implies, Usyk is fast, slick and thrives with moving punches. His main tool is speed. Usyk is best played with left and right uppercuts to the body as he can spam out 10-15 in a matter of seconds. Usyk can get dazes very easily using this method. If you use Usyk always go for quick spammy body uppercuts, left, right, left, right, left right while keeping your distance from big punches.


  • Speed, one of the fastest movement speeds and definitely the fastest uppercut combo speeds. Use this fighter to wear down your opponent.
  • Distance Fighter, Usyk’s playstyle lets him thrive in later rounds, once you’ve worn down your opponents you’ll be able to throw better, bigger shots while they’re weakened.


  • Durability, Usyk is not the most durable fighter and a few head hooks can send him into the dazed state.
  • Easily outplayed, If your opponent knows how to protect their body while countering, Usyk’s main tool will become useless, leaving him exposed to a style he’s not meant for.
  • Tall fighters, Tyson Fury can keep Usyk away easily, negating his body shot meta.

Deontay Wilder

The Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder. Known for his strength, often called the hardest hitter of any era, this fighter is focused on knockouts, not points.

The Bronze Bomber

A KO-Heavy play style with the hardest punch in the game. Wilder is best played with hooks and uppercuts with counters aiding his damage. Feel free to let the odd power punch go in the form of a big right hand, however be careful as Wilder is not the fastest, nor the most durable character in the game.


  • Hardest hitter, Wilder is the hardest hitter in the game, his hooks, uppercuts and power punches can be devastating for your opponent.
  • Defence, Deontay Wilder’s stance protects both his body and head, effective against combos. This however leaves one side of his head wide open to shots.


  • Speed, although Deontay’s punches are extremely good, his speed is not. He is often sluggish and requires timing to make sure he does not get countered.
  • Recovery, Deontay’s recovery is average and his get-up minigame can be difficult even on the second knockdown.
  • Countered, Deontay fighters are usually easily countered by faster opponents. Ali’s main shot, which is the right hook, hits Deontay on his undefended head. In a short period of time, if you’re not careful, the Bronze Bomber can go down.

Joe Frazier

Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Well known for his victory against Muhammad Ali, this man knows how to use his strength.


Joe Frazier is incredibly powerful and features one of the most unique defences in the game. He covers his head or body with both his forearms. Although this is great for defending that area, it also leaves Frazier players open to big shots in the area they aren’t defending.


  • Strength, Joe Frazier has a buff to his strength, his power punches can be deadly and have a higher chance of rocking or knocking out his opponent.
  • Defence, his unique defence, if used right, could save you multiple times during a fight.
  • Pressure fighter / taller fighters, due to his small stature, great defence and great strength, Frazier is good at putting pressure on taller fighters with body shots.


  • Defence, although one of his strengths, if not used correctly it is a major weakness as people will target the area you are not defending. I usually target Frazier’s body with uppercuts.
  • Slow, Frazier can seem very slow and sluggish and is not good with fighters who can out run him.

Under 87 Fighters

This list would include Frank Bruno, Eddie Hall, Joe Joyce, David Adeleye and Roy Jones Jr.

The Honest Truth

These fighters are not good for competitive / online play. I would heavily discourage people from playing characters rated under 87 as they will find it difficult, even IMPOSSIBLE, to beat higher rated fighters. Once you learn the other mentioned fighters attempt to use that knowledge for weaker fighters. Otherwise, avoid them. They will be useless to a beginner player.

The End

Thanks for reading, hopefully this brief quick guide can help you become UNDISPUTED!

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    • Still waiting on Anthony Joshua the heavyweight that was running the division for almost a decade.

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