Unferat – Beginner’s Efficient Start Guide (Crow to Glow)

A guide for beginners who want to get into the game efficiently. I’ll teach you how to go from Crow to Glow.

Guide to Go from Crow to Glow

Basic Gameplay Basics

  • The majority of this game revolves around clicking to move.
  • You click on the ground, the character walks there.
  • Note well, sometimes, you’ll click on an object you need to interact with and your character will wander off randomly. You’ll want to build a habit of clicking near objects and then only clicking on them directly when you get close.
  • You’ll probably also want to go into the options screen and remap some keys.
  • I prefer Inventory on Tab, Map on Z, and Camera Controls on WASD.
  • Don’t forget to press “Apply Options”!

Otherwise, the first few minutes of the game make for a pretty good tutorial. Read on for some strategic advice and goals to get you started.

Experience Point Assignment

  • A huge proportion of this game will just be running around and gathering materials.
  • You can get an easy four skill points from the research work bench, and you’ll need them.
  • So, I fully recommend you prioritize maxxing out the flight skill first.
  • Getting it to the point where you no longer need a reagent will make it very flexible.
  • You’ll be able to escape combats at a moment’s notice, regardless of preparation.
  • And you’ll effectively never have to carry an emergency feather, freeing up inventory space.
  • Being able to just fly up and down hills is an incredible time saver (You can click a pretty fair distance ahead to “walkable” terrain and the crow can usually fly there).
  • I then recommend you make your second priority the enchant dagger spell. Just one point is fine.
  • Having a free ranged attack will make gathering raw meat and rat tails much less painful.
  • The provided stun helps make an emergency escape!
  • Also note that you can cast this spell long in advance of using it, even while flying as a crow!
  • There’s basically no reason not to keep it casted at all times.
  • Is this spell underrated? Hard to say, since I’ve talked to nobody about this game yet. But it’s still a huge value in my book.

After this I recommend unlocking the health potion recipe since it’ll pay for itself at the research bench, but that’s highly optional. (You’ll easily find a few health potions scattered around the map). You could also look into the upgraded demon portal for even more time savings, it was the next thing I took after learning to make health potions.

From this point on, start investing into whatever powers appeal to you and have fun!

Final Tips

  • Items are color coded.
  • No background streak – Raw material / basic reagent.
  • Grey Streak – Important material / reagent.
  • Green – Basic.
  • Blue – Improved.
  • Purple – Premium.

You’ll want to particularly pay attention to health potions.

Use the green ones for the research workbench, and make sure all the blue & purple ones are dropped on the ground before clicking that research button!

You’ll also have the opportunity to give a health potion to a named Fox with an injury for a skill point. Be sure not to attack the poor fox, hold a health potion before you click on it.

You’ll also want to start flying over the graveyard early, and making a routine of checking for fresh graves every few days.

You should also keep an eye out for special orange flowers on the ground.

They look like small blobs of orange nested between three green leaves. Every 15 you eat gives you a skill point.

Since eating food heals you, I recommend bringing a small stock pile with you to the hangman’s tree in the swamp. You can make a sacrifice, heal up by eating, gather some materials, and then repeat. Maybe even hunt a few rabbits and foxes around and turn them into meals at the cooking pot. You might also be able to find a purple-quality meal back in the town, at the giant grill by the beach. It seems to heal well over 100 hp. Having plenty of free healing helps make the thirteen 100-hp sacrifices a bit less time consuming.

Written by MoQ

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