Unfortunate Spacemen – How to Uno Reverse the Monster

Ever wanted to slap the monster with a big fat uno reverse? Well lucky for you, I have the best guide to make sure that the monster will never come within 100 miles of you ever again!

Guide to Uno Reverse the Monster

Step 1: The “Murder”

You might be thinking to yourself, “All of this is too hard. I’ll never be able to survive being hunted by a toxic level 40 monster, or murder the monster, or break the monsters ankles.” I’ll never be like silversamus, Well lucky for you, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! You ever wonder why the monsters are so obsessed with murdering innocent players and eating them? Well, it’s because you aren’t human! you are an artificial being with cocaine stored in your body! So, what you wanna do is give the monster a generous amount of cocaine, take it from them, then, start to snort the cocaine for as long and hard as you can. You know you did it right when you start to see rainbows. This also helps you to play as if you are fearless. It can also make you a traitor attraction if you do it for long enough.

Step 2: The Crumply Moan

The first and most important part is the Crumply Moan. If you do this perfectly, you may not need anymore of the steps. You have to use the back of your throat and your tongue and make the perfect pitch for your moan. Do this perfectly and the monster won’t want to be near you again.

Step 3: Take a Humongous Shart on the Monster

This one is very simple. All you need to do is eat a crap ton of Taco Bell, then while the monster is chasing you, take the biggest shart ever. Bonus points if you want get it in it’s mouth. If this is too hard for you, shart on the traitor, but never samus, you will regret it.

Step 4: Start Absolutely Obliterating the Monsters Ankles

This is vital to making sure the monster wants to backhand you. Start breaking the monsters ankles. Want to know how? Too bad, I’m not good enough myself! ask silversamus.

Step 5: The Results

If you did everything perfectly, the monster should not be within 100 miles of your ever again, you are safe, and can kill the monster from a distance without them being able to do anything about it, but be careful, messing just one thing up will make the monster backhand you harder than samus destroying me in osu, you will feel numb, Congrats!

If you enjoyed this or found it helpful, I don’t care! If you want to come back to this later, please don’t! If you think that this is the best guide ever, consider giving me an award! this is only for the rich kids, you don’t deserve money either way.

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