Unfortunate Spacemen – The Monster Guide to Deception and Sabotage

Tired of being called out? Wanna kill some spacemen? This is the guide for you!

Deception, Murder, and Fleeing

Remember, your disguise is your most powerful tool, besides your claws and monster form, at least.

Constantly change your disguise, Confused spacemen, are good spacemen.



  • On killing a spacemen thats fully alone, take their every thing they own. And then disguise as them. if done correctly, you can now walk into a crowed of people with only Minimum suspicion, More effective if the person you are disguised as is 100% clear,
  • Take any super weapons you may find just, Laying around. it could help you!


  • Stay as the same person for more then 5-7 minutes, the longer your in the disguise, the less confusion other people get,


So, your gonna make your mark and kill the first person!

Things to remember : Those spacemen may get suspicious if you follow them for to long, dont stay following the same person for to long.

EME injectors are underused for monster and traitor kills, players shoved near emes by M/T are “Magnetized” into the EME, use this to your advantage. as it can score a free kill if somebody is being careless.

Airlocks are way more noticeable, but remember, people hit by a airlock with magboots are Stunned For a very long time, they cant shoot either, use this to kill spacemen with your gun, then eat their corpse if you can.


Sooo… you either walked into a tripmine, got injected with a syringe, or just called out for “Actin sus.”

How to survive being called out!

[Specific perks may help not dying being called out], if you HAVE. to run, lay an Egg after locking into a door. this may cause a bit of panic and chaos as they try to get it off, Or. run back INTO the group, then DISGUISE [poison cloud may help with this], this will cause mass panic and chaos. or may get you killed instantly.

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