Unwording – Puzzle Solutions

In this guide, I’ll give the solutions to the puzzles and with that also help you get all the achievements.


Welcome to my guide for “Unwording”.

I want to start this guide with a big disclaimer: If you’re currently down and thinking about playing this, maybe wait till you have a better day. If you still would like to play it today, make sure you don’t stop after day 1, preferable just finish the game. As the beginning can make you feel even more down, but it will get better, just like your current mood… it is just hard to see right now.

In this guide, I’ll tell you all the solutions, but it is way more fun to find the solutions yourself! You can play the game on easy if you prefer to mostly play Unwording for the story and there is a hint system.

A few of the achievements can be missed. I’m sure about the ones outside your house on day 3, as when you enter your house in the evening you can’t leave anymore. I’m not sure if any of the others are missable.

And here is another warning… Only move on reading if you don’t mind spoilers!

Day 1

On day one you have 3d blocks that you can turn around and you have to make words/sentences. In the puzzles you’ll see small blocks, here you need to place the small letters, but don’t think automatically that a big block of 2 letters goes on a spot with 2 letters, because it also has a side with only one letter.

PS The left shift key makes you run.


  • In your house:
  • BED: Wake up > Give Up
  • MOBILE: No messages > No One Cares
  • Outside your house:
  • CAR: Cool Car > I Am Poor
  • RESTAURANT: Meal For Two > I Am Alone
  • At work:
  • COLLEAGUES: Whisper Chatter > Talking About Me
  • COMPUTER: Start Working > Procrastinate

Day 2

From this day the puzzle structure changed, now it is a perspective puzzle where you have to show the right angle to make a word and then put the words in the correct order. when the dark purple in the background gets lighter, you get closer to a solution.


  • In your house:
  • BED: Give Up > Clean Up > After this click on the bed and bring your stuff to the washing machine.
  • Outside your house:
  • CAR: I Am Poor > I Don’t Need One
  • RESTAURANT: I Am Alone > Invite A Colleague
  • At work:
  • COLLEAGUES: Talking About Me > Planning A Party
  • COMPUTER: Procrastinate > Just Start

Day 3

On this last day, you have to type out prompts. They are single words and they remind me of old DOS games with their commands.


  • Outside your house:
  • STROLLER: Save
  • At work:
  • CHAIR: Sit
  • PLANT: Praise
  • COMPUTER: Work
  • FILES: Work
  • PHONE: Call
  • EXIT: Exit
  • COLLEAGUES: Invite (Missable!!)
  • DOOR: Exit
  • Your street:
  • DOGGIE: Pet (Missable!!)
  • BABY: Dance (Missable!!)
  • CAFE: Enter (Missable!!)
  • SNACKS: Order (Missable!!)
  • COFFEE: Order (Missable!!)
  • TABLE: Sit (Missable!!)
  • DOOR: Exit (Missable!!)
  • MUSIC STORE: Enter (Missable!!)
  • PAINO: Play (Missable!!)
  • DOOR: Exit (Missable!!)
  • HOME: Enter
  • Back at home:
  • LOCKED DRAWER: Open (Missable!!)
  • Bath: Start
  • CHAIR: Push
  • RADIO: Take
  • TEA: Make
  • FRIDGE: Open
  • CHAIR: Sit

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