V Rising – All Ways to Get Scourgestones

Probably all of you are wondering, how to get those freaky little green bastards – Scourgestones. In this short guide I will try to help you and to tell all the ways and places to get this valuable loot.

How to Craft It

Scourgestone – is a magic component which is using in crafting of different things, like jewel crafting and most importantly – silver ingots. Let’s start from basic.

You can craft it with such receipe in Furnace:

  • 1x Whetstone
  • x3 Glass
  • x3 Grave Dust

I don’t think that there is a sense to tell you how to get and craft those other receipes.

Where Can You Find It in Open World

Crafting is certainly good, but it is very resource-intensive. You need to get several components at once in order to craft several pieces. So to make your life easier, you can try to find them in several other places:

Church of the Damned

The location at the north of Dunley Farmlands.

The only place you can definitely find these things. They spawn in chests and drop from mobs with a certain percentage.

Dunley Monastery in a Coffins

Location at the west of Dunley Farmlands.

This is more or less high level location with high holy radiation effect. There are few coffins are located at this location with good chance of Scourgestone spawning.

Ancient Village in Different Boxes

Two villages which are located in high level location, called Cursed Forrest.

You can find Scourgestones id different boxes all over those location.

Drops from Mobs

These things drop only from a few mobs:

  • Skeleton Bishop
  • Scarecrow

Skeleton Bishop

The first one can be found in almost every cursed dead locations, except Farbane Woods. This mob have pretty big percent for dopping of Scourgestones.


You can find this mob in location called Abandoned Farm. When you will come there, you will see few scarecrows which are just standing. Next you need to do is to just hit them. There is a chance that one or two of few Scarecrows will become a mini boss which will drop you some amount of Scourgestones.


One of the best variants for gettin Scourgestones is to build Tombs and spawning different mobs out there:

In every tomb you can spawn a Skeleton Bishop or Banshi which alsow has some percent of dropping Scourgestones.

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