V Rising – Blood Types and Blood Quality

Remember that feeding is crucial in this game. You will perish if you do not eat. When the feed bar is totally full, it is considered a successful feeding.

Blood Types and Blood Quality

The complete list of blood types and blood quality can be found here.

CreatureI3%-15% Movement Speed
CreatureII10-25 Increased Sun Resistance Rating
CreatureIII10% – 20% Damage Reduction
CreatureIV150% Increased Health regeneration
CreatureVBoost all above effects by 30%
BruteI7.5% – 12.5% Primary attack Life Leech
BruteII7.5% – 12.5% Increased Primary Attack Speed and gain 1 Gear Level
BruteIIIHealing received increased by 20% – 35%. Heal self for 4% of your victim’s health when striking a killing blow
BruteIV6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%.
BruteVBoost all above effects by 30%
RogueI10% – 20% chance to Critical Strike on Weapon Attacks
RogueII8% – 15% Movement Speed
RogueIII12% – 25% reduced cooldown on Travel Skill. 100% chance to critical strike on next physical attack after using a travel skill
RogueIV50% Chance on critical strike to expose victims armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4s
RogueVBoost all above effects by 30%
WarriorI10% – 20% Increased Physical Power
WarriorII8% – 15% Reduced cooldown on Weapon Skills
WarriorIII7.5% – 15% Reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health
WarriorIV15% Chance to parry an attack reducing damage taken by 50%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 25%.
WarriorVBoost all above effects by 30%
WorkerI10% – 30% Increased Resource Yield
WorkerII15% – 25% Increased Damage against Resource Objects
WorkerIII10% – 20% Increased Mount Gallop Speed
WorkerIV3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed
WorkerVBoost all above effects by 30%
ScholarI12% – 25% Increased Spell Power
ScholarII8% – 15% Reduced cooldown on Spells
ScholarIII5% – 10% Spell Life Leech
ScholarIV20% Chance to reset spell cooldown on cast
ScholarVBoost all above effects by 30%

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