Valheim – How to Defeat Yagluth Boss

After defeating Moder, it is time to head into the plains. The plains do not really require any resistance meads, but it can be a tough biome to explore due to its enemies. In the plains, you will also find the next boss, Yagluth.

Guide to Beat Yagluth Boss


In this guide, I will help you locate and fight Yagluth, the fifth (and, as of now, final) boss. He is quite tough to beat, so getting good gear is a must.

How to Find the Spawn Place

Once again, the location of the boss will be revealed through interacting with a vegvisir. These can be found next to stone formations in the plains. Interact with the vegvisir to get the location on your map.

Preparing for the Battle

Yagluth requires you to have good gear in order to beat him. The blackmetal sword and shield will be necessary when fighting Yagluth, and you can also bring the Draugr fang bow with some needle arrows, but melee combat will be your main way of dealing damage. You will need to get padded armor as well. However, you do not have to worry about the cape, so if you want to, you can keep the wolf fur cape. Make sure to stock up on fire resistance barley wine as well, since he has some fire attacks. Blood pudding and lox meat pies are some of the best food items to bring.

Spawning the Boss

In order to spawn Yagluth, you will need five fuling totems. These can be found in the fuling villages. After offering the totems, Yagluth will spawn.

Strategies for Defeating Yagluth

It is important to always have a fire resistance buff active as Yagluth will continuously use fire attacks. Make sure to dodge his attacks and attack him with your sword as much as possible. Eat the lox meat pies and the blood pudding, and if you need to heal or eat more, move away from Yagluth and use your bow with needle arrows during that time.

Acquiring the Forsaken Power

Once you have defeated Yagluth, you will get a trophy. Just like with the previous ones, go to the spawn area and hang it on the correct stone and interact with it to get the power.

This power gives you elemental resistance, which means that you take less damage from fire, frost, and lightning.

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