Vampire Survivors – Custom Skins Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Cartion!

I decided to make a guide with a template to help others make skins. The template is lined up using the coords in the characters.json file, so it should be accurate, but some of the sprite sizes are inconsistent so it might take some fiddling with.

How to Make Custom Skins

To Make Custom Skins

  • Go to steam, right click on Vampire Survivors, properties, and click “Browse” under local files.
  • Go to [resources/app/.webpack/renderer/assets/img].
  • Save a copy of characters.png (In case you don’t want skins anymore)
  • Open characters.png and use the overlay to help line up the sprites.
  • Draw to your hearts content.
  • Save & Play the game.


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  1. Thank you for this guide, hope to see a workshop where people can share their skin in the future!

  2. I saw people on the discord making custom characters but i’m unsure of how its done. It would require atleast a basic understanding of javascript though, and sadly i dont think we’re close to a mod manager for this game yet.

  3. Is it also possible to make Custom Skins for Custom Characters?

    Thank you so much for this Guide! 🙂

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