Vampire Survivors – How Golden Eggs Work

Golden Eggs

Golden Egg is an item pickup that permanently increases a random stat on the player’s current character by a small amount:

  • +1 Max Health;
  • +0.1 Recovery, Armor, Amount, Revival, Reroll;
  • +1% Movement Speed, Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, Area, Luck, Growth, Greed, Curse;
  • -0.5% Cooldown;
  • +0.3 Magnet;
  • +0.2 Skip, Banish.

There is a hard cap on certain stats (further increase will have no effect on these stats):

  • Might – 1000% (+900%);
  • Speed – 500% (+400%);
  • Duration – 500% (+400%);
  • Area – 1000% (+900%);
  • Cooldown – 10% (-90%; equals to x10 attack speed);
  • Amount – 10 (+10; amount stat is 0 by default).

It means, that only useful stats that will keep increasing are – Luck, Growth, Greed and Curse.
Magnet has no hard cap, but at some point will cover entire screen and further increase will make no difference.

You can get Golden Eggs by:

  • killing Masked Guardians (1 egg) – spawns near Rings and Metaglios (stage items);
  • killing Moon Guardians (1 egg) – spawns at 14:00 at Moongolow;
  • killing Death (5 eggs) – spawns at the end of stages (if not in Endless mode);
  • purchasing from the Merchant on any stage (for 10000 gold);
  • purchasing from the Eggman – see info below.


The Eggman appears directly north in Moongolow (if you have at least 5000 golden eggs and 1 million gold), and offers Golden Eggs for 10000 gold (similar to the regular merchant), but has an option to spend all of your gold to buy max amount of eggs you can afford at once. There is no need in waiting for the purchase animation to complete, you can close the shop window right away.


The Healer appears directly south in Moongolow (if you have at least 5000 golden eggs) and offers:

  • Flames of Moonspell – removes 100 Golden Egg bonuses at random;
  • Lantern of Foscari – removes all MoveSpeed bonuses from Golden Eggs (available only if current character has more than 25000 Golden Eggs).
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