Vampire Survivors – How to Beat the Fobidden Holy Level

This is a short guide on how to reach/beat the forbidden holy level and unlock the yellow banner which allows you to see secrets.

Reaching Forbidden Holy

  • Unlock moonglow level
  • Play the moonglow bonus level as any non secret character
  • Survive until ~15 minutes, as you progress the screen will get more red and weird eyeballs will start to spawn
  • Kill the boss that looks like it came from the exorcist

Beating The Level and What to Expect

So once you have reached this level you will have realised you are back to lvl one with no equips now your goal is to keep running to the right until you can eventually pick up a holy hand grenade.

However this will prove to be quite a challenge as right after you reach the first corner the bats turn into heralds and an angel? spawns who begins to harass you. now this level can be broken down into four main parts the bats, the angel throwing heralds at you at mach 5, suicide bombers, and the run forrest run stage.

Now in order to beat this level it will likely take a few attempts but don’t worry you should be able to select this level from the selection screen as long as you are not a secret character like the red death. Personally I find Antonio the easiest to do this with, also make sure you dont have curse upgraded.

You Cannot Pause During This Stage

So now as Antonio what you want to do is just keep running towards the green arrow while staying as close to the candles so you can get chicken/fire if your lucky. Once the suicide bombers start coming you may want to slow your sprinting just to kill a few of them.

Then you enter the fun stage, deaths will spawn all around you leaving you a small pocket you want to run as fast as possible here because after ~30 seconds you get insta killed. you will also see that the angel is chasing you avoid his death circles, until you can pick up the holy hand grenade.

If you managed to make it this far all that’s left is to continue running right until you pick up the item.

I also found out that once you get this item there is a silver ring and red thing on gallo tower that spawn bosses. I have no idea what these items do yet.

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  1. I found out what the gold ring/silver ring do if you combine both with the clock lancet it evolves into the infinite corridor, and im assuming that by getting the left/right medilio and combining it with the laurel you can get the red cap

  2. Porta is also a good character choice for this stage because you pretty much stay at level 1 and able to take advantage of her huge cool down passive until the end of the level lol.

  3. Make sure to disable any Curse upgrades you’re currently using, it’ll make the level impossible.

  4. I could select the hidden level in the stage select after failing the first time.
    So i didnt had to replay the moonglow level.

  5. can confirm, laurel combines with left/right arrows. it caps damage taken and deals retaliation damage, infinite corridor halves enemy health. both good for killing death.

  6. Personally I did this stage with Concetta, was a piece of cake compared to other characters that I tried, especially good against those suicide bombers.

    I assume O’sole would be similarly useful for this.

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