Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock Boon Marrabbio

This guide will go over the instructions on how to unlock Boon Marrabbio and more.

Unlocking Boon Marrabbio

  1. Load up the map “Mad Forest” and go south until you come across the “Pummarola” passive item and pick it up. Either get “Skull O’Maniac” from level ups, or the passive item in the northwest.
  2. Shortly after getting the skull and pummarola, pies should start to spawn on the ground as health pickups similar to chicken. Start grabbing these and continue grabbing them until a shadowy figure spawns. This monster will have a lot of HP reminiscent of other Boss characters so it will take some damage to take down.
  3. After defeating the shadowy figure, you will hear a noise. Those of you who have gotten other secret characters will be familiar with it.
  4. That is all! Enjoy unlocking and playing with Boon Marrabbio!

Having Trouble?

A simple method for obtaining Marrabbio as pointed out in the comments is to just use Red Death (if you do not have him yet, then get him using Shroud/Infinite Corridor added this patch using another guide) and go south to get “Pummarola” and then northwest to get “Skull O’Maniac”. Pies will start spawning and keep collecting them until the shadow spawns.

The Shadow Is Still A Boss And Will Probably Require A Decent Build To Kill

If you’re still for some reason unable to do this, then you may want to just look into adding the character to your savedata manually. If anybody wants to try this, feel free to add me and I can walk you through it.

Fun Builds and Character Variety

He can be an extremely fun character to play with do to his low speed stat. If you put only one point into the Speed Powerup, then Marrabbio will have -100% speed. This means a majority of weapons will not move when fired and allows the player to essentially create Walls Of Projectiles.

Some really fun builds can come from Marrabbio such as:

  • Phiera Der Tuphello,Hellfire and the Heart of Fire arcana/Eight The Sparrow and the Jail of Crystal & Out of Bounds arcana. Effectively creating landmines for enemies to walk onto. (though the latter powerup/arcana combination is harder to acquire than the first as it needs 2 arcana).
  • Carréllo and the Boogaloo of Illusions arcana. Creating what I like to picture as stationary breathing minecarts, as they change in size over time.
  • Crosses and Death Spirals don’t disappear so those can resemble a windmill/turbine and blend things together.
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  1. Time doesn’t matter, Red Death or Power Character, HYPER mode, start the game without gaining experience, go straight to picking up Red Heart and Skull O’Maniac on the map and then the pie will appear, which is estimated to be just under 10 minutes at this point.

  2. By later it means at least… ~17 mintues into the game, I guess. Some get it after 24 minutes, for me pries started to drop at 17m mark as soon as I evolved 4th weapon.

    Maybe time doesn’t matter at all.

  3. I’m pretty sure I DIDN’T go far out from the center on Mad Forest. I still have Marrabbio unlocked tho after playing that level after just getting every item on the floor and getting to 30min as per usual. I’ve never seen any pies.

    • You probably just played the level like normal getting Pummarolla and Skull O’Maniac and just happened to kill the shadow without realizing it before death spawned at 30 minutes. It’s a relatively easy secret to just accidentally unlock.

  4. Grabbed skull and heart very early and the shadowy figure only spawned right before Death (30 minutes). Pretty BS.

  5. The pies are a trail. If you collect them fast enough they spawn only in one direction that takes you straight to the boss. Got it to appear before the 4 min mark after collecting the 2 accessories however I am unable to test it since the pies aren’t spawning after the unlock.

  6. The shadowy figure spawns at random, the first time it spawns at the 29 minute mark while the second at the 13 minute mark. Both runs I used Red Death and followed OP’s instructions to the point.

  7. Go into Mad Forest. Pick up the Pummarolla off the ground and the skull off the ground. You can also choose these as level up rewards.
    Kill stuff and pick up pies.
    Kill the shaded wizard that comes up after gathering a lot of pies.
    OPTIONAL) You can try to get max laurel and lancet and go for the new hidden items, but I recommend doing it in a separate run.
    This is the way.

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