Vampire Survivors – Porta Character Spotlight

An overview of Porta with a few pointers on how to play.

Porta Character Overview

All credit goes to Cuthla!

The Stats

Hello. Let me formally introduce myself. I’m Porta Ladonna.

So what do I like when in battle? I’m quite fond of Area. As such, I start with a permanent 30% bonus to area. I just couldn’t bring myself to wait to have that 30% over leveling. So I just grabbed the whole amount on the way to battle field. If you really like me, you’ll get me the Candelabra so I can get that up to 80%. Trust me. It will be worth your time.

I did want Cooldown Reduction as well. But with the Area I have, I had to settle for Cooldown that I lose as I level. I start with 90% Cooldown Reduction that loses 30% till I hit level 4, when I have none left. I can only maintain a Cooldown that low for a little while, unfortunately.

The Weapon

I am quite fond of beautiful things. So my weapon is both beautiful to behold and quite deadly on the battle field holds up left hand The Lightning Ring. Both my weapon and accessory of choice.

Though I am a little envious of the power that Arca wields, I prefer a weapon that’s a little more focused on the task at hand. As well as not missing what I’m fighting. Though the cooldown the Lightning Ring has could be much better (4.5 seconds), it makes up for it with decent damage, 15 base, and strikes twice. Never say never.

As the Lightning Ring grows in power, it does more damage and gains Area as well as striking more often. When it’s at full power, Lightning Ring is is doing 65 base damage, has 300% more Area, and is striking 6 times per discharge.

With another item called the Duplicator, my treasured Lightning Ring becomes the Thunder Loop. It is a sight to behold as the many strikes Lightning Ring was doing effectively doubles. Each strike is followed by another shortly after. If you look closely, you can see where the second strike will impact. Look for a circle, orange in color, that throws sparkling red, orange, and yellow sparks when it strikes. The cooldown hasn’t changed, unfortunately. But raining 12 bolts of death down on your enemies does tend to make up for that. Thunder Loop still has the same cooldown. But I’m more then satisfied with the 648 strikes it can deliver in under a minute. Yes, I did count, in case you were wondering.

Why and Why Not (Pros and Cons)

Why me?

Cause you have very good taste, obviously. That and I wield the Lightning Ring, considered by many to be one of the primary damage dealing weapons available. And I start with it. As well as my 90% Cooldown when I start a run. This allows me to pick a shady corner on certain stages and try to bottle neck enemies to make my Cooldown go longer. The strikes may be random, but each one will hit a enemy. If the waves permit, I can stay in my corner and let the gems pile up. So when I scoop them up later, I’ll hopefully gain 10 or more levels. And the damage I do with the Lightning Ring is quite considerable, racking up millions even before evolving to the Thunder Loop.

Why not me?

I’m hurt to even think you wouldn’t want my company. But if there was a reason to not run with me, it would be the cooldown on the Lightning Ring. Once my bonus cooldown is gone at level 4, it becomes painfully obvious that the Lightning Ring is one of the slower starting weapons. It does take a moment or or four to call lightning from the sky, after all. And in that time, the enemies aren’t going to stop for tea for me. Due to the long cooldown, I can be swarmed easily. It’s a position both you and I don’t want to be in.

How to Get

Showing that you have a interest in my company is as easy as getting the Lightning Ring to level 4. After that, you’ll have my attention. And with a small gift of 500 gold, before scaling, I will assist you in your cause and runs.

Tips and Builds

My treasured Lightning Ring needs some time to show its’ true might. Another weapon will aid in this endeavor as well as the Endless Tome. With the Tome, Lightning Ring’s cooldown will be a little under two and a half seconds with the 40% Cooldown reduction it grants. As well as drastically increasing the body count on whatever field you wish me to aid you on. No weapon can carry/win a battle single handedly. But Lightning Ring comes very close with the right passives used, like the Candelabra, Duplicator, and Spinach.

Elemental Fury build

  • Weapons: Fire Wand, Santa Water, Bible, Magic Wand, Four Seasons (requires Legacy Of The Moonspell DLC. if you don’t have the DLC, sub in Axe instead).
  • Passives: Attractorb, Candelabra, Crown, Duplicator, Endless Tome, Spinach

Elemental Fury allows me to harness the combined might of my treasured Lightning Ring, Fire Wand, Santa Water, and even the Four Seasons to bear down upon my foes, providing complete area coverage even the hardiest of foes will be hard pressed to withstand. Try to obtain the Magic Wand as your second weapon to allow for easier early run leveling. After getting Magic Wand take your pick of what weapons you want in whatever order. The goal is to as many of the AOE weapons up and running so you have a few to evolve when the 10 minute, or a evolve chest is available depending of stage selected, mark is reached. As you continue to level, coverage will continue to grow until the build becomes a nigh unstoppable force of nature while Bible acts a defense and Holy Wand picks off things not wanting to give into your demands.

Rolling Thunder build

  • Weapons: Santa Water, Axe, Cherry Bomb, Runechaser, Pentagram.
  • Armor, Attractorb, Wings, Candelabra, Crown, Duplicator.
  • Arcanas: Boogaloo Of Illusions, Tragic Princess, Chaos In The Dark Night.

From what I’ve read from Cuthla so far, talk of Arcana builds hasn’t been done yet. Something about letting people find out about builds naturally. That’s all fine and dandy. To each their own. But I’m not Cuthla. And this build uses Arcanas. It’s meant to build up like a tidal wave in a lightning storm, rolling up on the run to come crashing down on it mercilessly. The main focus is to get Lightning Ring and Santa Water evolved as soon as possible. After them, anything you wish EXCEPT Pentagram. Level it last as you want every once of leveling you can get to get the Thunder Rolling and Pentagram won’t help with that. So it gets leveled last. For Arcanas, you can use whichever one you want first. But I suggest Boogaloo first. So you can get as much Area as you can, given I rather like Area to begin with. This does include getting Silver Ring. Even more Area and the duration helps Santa Water/LaBorra with some Duration bonus.

The build will be done at the 21 minute point. And you’ll be a walking electric hurricane, Cherry Bomb/Death Spiral/No Future/Gorgeous Moon punching through or blowing up every enemy in your path while La Borra and Thunder Loop lay waste where ever you go as the Eye Of The Storm.

In Conclusion

As you can see, I’m not just a pretty face. I have a great body as well. With the Lightning Ring, I can be a force of nature laying waste to everything in my path. Yes, it could start up faster. But sometimes a Lady enjoys when one has to take their time to achieve that which they desire.

And if you do decide to spend some time with me, at least to level 50, I have this for you. But only if you come see me for a run.

Until then, I’ll be waiting.

Don’t keep me waiting for long. I have such sights to show you.

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