Vampire Survivors – Starting Tips and FAQs

Here you can find some tips for starters and answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Achievements and game progression

  • All the content not available at the start is locked behind achievements. Check the achievements list on the main menu to see what’s the next goal.

Time limit

  • Current stages end when surviving for 30 minutes. A minor prize is awarded for surviving that long.

Buying Power-ups and Characters

  • You can buy permanent Power-ups from the main menu. The more you buy, the more the prices will rise, but you can reset your purchases without losing anything, so feel free to experiment. Reset often and try new upgrade paths to find which one works better for you.
  • Characters are not refundable instead.

What Luck is for

  • Enables the chance to get a 4th option when leveling up.
  • Lowers the chance of negative events (bat swarms, flower walls…).
  • Improves the chance of getting good items when destroying braziers.
  • Improves the chance of getting a Treasure Chest that is different than usual.
  • Raises chances of dealing critical damage (for weapon with critical capabilities).
  • “Luck affects many things”.

How to evolve weapons

  • Level up a weapon until it’s maxed out and satisfy its requirements for evolution, that are different for each weapon. Once all requirements are satisfied, there will be a chance to find the evolved version of the weapon in Treasure Chests. For example:

Magic Wand LV8 + Empty Tome + Treasure Chest = Holy Wand

Weapons with evolutions in 0.2.7 – EA

  • Magic Wand, Knife, Axe, King Bible, Fire Wand, Whip, and Cross.

Check this guide.

Picking up items

  • Items on the ground will not disappear. If there are too many gems on the ground, they simply start merging together, forming red gems.

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