Vampire Survivors – Strategy Guide (with Tips)

Tips to Strategy

Save up for +1 projectile per weapon on power up / +gold as your first upgrades.

Add +exp when you can and 1x 0.1 regen hp.

Unlock all the characters you can, especially +1 projectile and bones (which is +3 projectiles at level 30).

the most important upgrades early game are anything that provides a bounce back to enemies + aoe.

You are stuck to the RNG gods but to survive the early rushes against you you need both aoe and knockback.

As the levels go on prioritise finishing off weapons to level 8 (which requires the passive equipment to match so they can be upgraded fully).

The upgraded versions do rediculous damage/knockback/aoe that it changes the game completely.

Try to get +range/dmg for passive, and consider cooldown reduction.

Pay attention to ‘boss’ style enemies that appear in the wave (the shiny bat, any larger single version of another monster, the green lizard guy in library, mindflayer in library, the large flower lady in garden etc) and focus your fire on them as best you can while keeping some distance as they move in on you. Not paying attention to them is the fastest death as they will walk up and drain your health super fast.

The bosses usually drop chests. Pick them up ASAP as they contain upgrades for you (upgrades which can exceed the max amount of passive items you can normally have)

Watch out for bat waves on garden level as they ‘push’ more durable enemies into your space which can end your run if you don’t have the damage/knockback to repel them fast enough

You want to walk around to unearth food items from the candles and try to leave them if you don’t need them until you do.

Try to farm the gem collector item to help out faster leveling by scooping up all the gems you missed on a 3 screen radius?

Try to expand your collector to match your aoe so you have an easier time leveling up.

You will die at 30mins in, that’s intended. You still get bonus gold for completing the stage as this is the way to finish the map. (you can delay this slightly with the lance that freezes enemies, but you cannot kill what stalks you from 30mins onwards so its a losing battle)

Some weapons are better than others depending on what stage of the fight you are.

Try to get garlic early on if possible for aoe (its damage is super terrible for late game but it helps you get to late game where things like the upgraded bible can clear maps if you can survive long enough to upgrade it there).

Written by tankanidis


  1. My focus is playing either of the heroes that add projectiles. I have the knives but if you have him and not the skeleton, might as well.

    After that I focus on evolving the bible and getting runetracer. Runetracer is very powerful.
    if you can evolve the bible and fire wand, fire wand is also one of the best abilities in the game.

    The evolved bible will shred enemies that ever try to get near you so honestly after that, it almost doesn’t matter what weapon combo you go for. Bible is always my priority.

  2. I think that my bibles are bugged and beyond busted not sure.. but I can pretty much win any game with a pretty simple and obtainable patter:

    Start game as skeleton (if not have him, anyone is realistically fine), hope that one of first few lvl up items is either the bible or garlic. If so then you can pretty much just run into enemies in the Library for some time, or if on the plains then you can handle bats simply and quickly just running into them.

    Then after that focus on finding weapons and the equivalent upgrade items. Mostly I look for Core: Duplicator, Garlic, Axe, Candelabra, Bible, Spellbinder, Cross, Clover. past those items you can kind of do what you want.

    Of course this is not mandatory to win runs. You are pretty open to do whatever you want, this just works for me. Definitely, if you don’t have these items unlocked then I suggest that you just focus on unlocking things. Getting the 3 character or anything that increases projectile amounts is a HUGE QoL.

  3. Some weapons are better early game, and some are better late game. You need to focus upgrades on one of the weapons that are early game – friendly (wands), and then focus on one that is late game friendly instead (basically, bibles and/or axes). Non-weapons upgrades should be avoided to begin with, pick up the ones you need to upgrade your weapons, once only. Avoid peachone, santa water, pentagram, and the freeze lance thingy. Focus fire the bosses down, and buy upgrades with gold in between your runs. It gets easier the more you play. Good Luck đŸ™‚

  4. Evolving is nice but you can die without blanket fire AoE so I would leave evolving stuff like fire wand for lategame… Normal wand have similiar power and scales better to buffs and proects you well so its nice 1st evolve if you can’t get cross.

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