Vampire Survivors – SuperWeapon Update Method

Guide to SuperWeapon Update Method

SuperWeapon upgrade method

At least 8-level weapon skill and 1-level passive skill. Then you get a chance to upgrade Superweapon from chest.

But pigeons need them both 8 level. Besides it can level-up (waste skill point) again.


  1. I thought the birds needed wings in order to be upgraded ;-; ive been getting it for no reason ;-;

  2. but you free up one slot after, so you can get another weapon or the shield afterwards. its quite powerful, but clunky to get imo

  3. pigeons are utter beasts, but takes so long, by the time you get em youre already erasing the screen to being with.

  4. This really kills experimentation and running goofy builds. Now it all meta base only.

  5. What I’m saying the update that lead to this change is the problem. Before you didn’t need to upgrade or have another item to get weapons to evolve you just needed to get them to level 8 and then open a chest after 10 minutes. Not with the update that requires the additional side items you’re limited.

  6. this game is so short there is literally no need to cheat your way through by browsing guides like this rather than just discovering for yourself

  7. The two birds are amazing, once you get them to merge, you can also upgrade the new bird 8 times! It’s probably the highest dps weapon in the game… It just takes forever for them to start doing damage because they suck early so get a few weapons upgraded first, don’t try and rush them.

  8. for some reason garlic full + lvl 3 redheart, didnt evolve. But picking a second chest without changing anything evolved.

  9. I’ve had items evolve at the six minute mark, there’s no ten minute requirement as far as I’m aware.

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