Vampire Survivors – Unlock Secret Character Toastie

This guide will show you how to unlock the new secret character Toastie in game.

How to Unlock

All credit goes to Dioroxic !

  • Pick stage 3 (Dairy Plant). It does not matter which character you select.
  • We need Green Death to spawn. This has a 1% chance at round start, 30% chance at 8 minute mark, and 30% chance at 12 minute mark.
  • You can kill Green Death by smashing them with a cart, using a screen wipe cross pick up, or using the pentagram.
  • As soon as Green Death dies, a character will flash in the bottom right hand corner for about 1 second. You have this 1 second window to MASH down arrow + enter key. If done correctly a sound will play signifying you have unlocked Toastie.

Tip: The easiest method is to unlock Gorgeous Moon since this gives you an audible and visual notification when the screen wipe is about to happen. Have one hand on WASD and the other hand on down arrow + enter keys. Kite Green Death around until Gorgeous Moon is about to trigger and then mash down arrow + enter as it kills Green Death.

If you don’t have Gorgeous Moon, just try to time the kill with a cart. It’s a little harder but can be done.

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  1. but is this not called cheating?
    i mean giving a code to first unlock exdash?
    the other steps sound not like cheat but the first step…
    maybe later after the game will not beta anymore..
    there will be a chance to get exdash without code?


    • its not really cheating though, its paying homage to games in the 90’s -2000’s where you could unlock characters with button inputs on main menus, and it’s also direct homage to castlevania sotn

  2. Idk why, but pentagram and evolved version of it didnt work for me. If you have same problem like me – try minecart. First try with it was successful

  3. I want suggest a tip: since green death spawn is a bad event, u should remove luck power-up so in this way you have more chance he spawns.

  4. Toastie is a SUPER annoying unlock. WASD and controller dont work properly, and pentagram can delete her on the kill. Basically just use the arrow keys and minecart strategy. Even then…the spawns are annoyingly long into the map for really no reason at all.

  5. I think it’s faster if you just do this with the 1% start spawn, I think it took me like 15 minutes to unlock toastie. I just spam started the level until i had him spawn on start walked down to the cart set him up set the cart off and held down and mashed enter as the cart ran him over.

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