Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – All Side Quests

Just a list of all side quests.

Santa Monica

(Can be completed in Santa Monica)

  • The Pain of Being Mercurio
    After first meeting Mercurio, ask him if he is in pain.
  • Trick or Treatment
    Entering clinic Room 1 in Santa Monica’s clinic, the player must have learned about how to create ghouls.
  • Daydream Believer
    With level 3 Persuasion, Talk to Copper on the beach.
  • Thinned Blood
    Choose to look for E’s sire, Lily.
  • Replanting a Lily
    Freeing Lily, and you don’t wish to pay Vandal.
  • Spiritual Release
    During the main quest The Ghost Haunts at Midnight pick up the diary located on a steel counter in the kitchen to begin the quest.
  • The Hunted Hunter
    In The Asylum, talk to Knox Harrington.
  • A Bounty for the Hunter
    After The Hunted Hunter quest, Arthur Kilpatrick will give you this quest.
  • Jumpin’ the Bail
    Prerequisite: A Bounty for the Hunter. Arthur ask for help.
  • Bloody Mess
    Check your email after the Surft’s Up main quest.


  • The Regent’s Riddle
    Reading the card found on the desk in the Santa Monica haven.
  • Carnival of Death
    Received by reading one of several newspapers.
  • Missing Data (Nosferatu only)
    After you’ve located the Nosferatu base, go back to your haven and you’ll find an email.


(Can be completed in Downtown)

  • The Regent’s Riddle (Part 2)
  • A Plague for the Angels
    Strauss will give this quest if you are working with the Camarilla.
  • Traffik
    Talk to Fat Larry before buying any items.
  • Attention ♥
    Prerequisite: Traffik
    Skelter will give you this quest if you talk with him about the Masquerade at The Last Round.
  • Fun With Pestilence
    Prerequisite: A Plague for the Angels
  • More Fun With Pestilence
    Prerequisite: Fun with Pestilence
  • Night at the Library
    Prerequisite: More Fun With Pestilence. Go to any Haven and receive an email from Beckett.
  • Mudd Hunt
    Prerequisite: Jumpin’ the Bail
  • A Confession
    The quest is received from Venus Dare, the owner of the nightclub Confession.
  • And Her Name Was Venus
    Prerequisite: A Confession
  • Venucide
    Prerequisite: And Her Name Was Venus
  • Necromantic
    Speaking to Pisha in the abandoned hospital.
  • Occultish Personality
    Prerequisite: Necromantic. Talk to Pisha after dealing with Simon Milligan.


  • A Tangled Web (Part 2)


  • Gargoyle Removal Service
    After finishing the Dead Ex quest, ask Isaac if he needs help with anything.
  • A Dish Best Served Cold
    Read the LaCroix email after Hollywood is unlocked.
  • Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
    In the strip club Vesuvius, speak to the red haired vampire Velvet Velour.
  • B-Rated Writer
    Prerequisite: Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
  • Mudd Hunt (Part 2)
  • Carnival of Death (Part 2)
  • Hunters Hunting
    Offer to assist Ash Rivers in his club Asp Hole.
  • Pimpin’ for Romero
    Enter the cemetery and talk with Romero. You have to choose this quest or the next one.
  • You Only Die Once a Night
    Enter the cemetery and talk with Romero. You have to choose this quest or the previous one.
  • Cover Girl
    Received from Imalia speaking to her about Tawni Sessions in the Warrens beneath Hollywood.
  • Model Citizen
    Prerequisite: Cover Girl.
  • Missing Data (nosferatu ONLY)
    After you’ve located the Nosferatu base, you’ll find an email from Bertram.
  • A Tangled Web
    Talk to Mitnick in the Nosferatu Warrens.


  • A Tangled Web (Part 3)
  • Gone Fishin’
    Talk to Yukie in the Ramen Shop.
  • Eye Gouge Hell
    Go into The White Cloud and speak to Mr. Ox.
  • Bad Luck Farmer
    Prerequisite: Eye Gouge Hell. Mr. Ox will give this quest.
  • The Hitman Impasse
    Prerequisite: Kikinapped. Speak to either Ji Wen Ja outside the Golden Temple, or Lu Fang inside the Red Dragon.

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