VenusBlood Hollow International – UI Mod Guide

Improves interface and save/load hotkeys support.

Guide to UI Mod

Supported Versions

Works with ENG versions 1.04, 1.041, 1.05, 1.051.


  • Download mod.
  • Unpack.
  • Place the files “patch2.xp3” and “hotkeys.ini” into the installation directory containing “VBHI.exe”.

Recruitment Screen Changes

  • Added units filter by job (multiple jobs can be selected).
  • Added units filter by type (multiple types can be selected).
  • Added units filter by skill (default skills, leader skills, tactical skills; tactica skills and items skills ignored) and formation; search is case insensitive, does not require a full match, “,” is a delimiter.
  • Units in deployed divisions are displayed but cannot be dismissed.
  • Tactical skills level (cost) is displayed (also displayed at other screens).
  • Reduced units list refresh time (from ~8ms to ~2ms per unit).
  • Added mood (happiness) icon to the units list.
  • Added units filter by equipment

Edit Screen Changes

  • Added highlighting of a unit in a division when mouse over a unit in the units list.
  • Added unit tooltip with division number and deployment state.

Equipment Screen Changes

  • Added a tooltip with units list equipped with the selected item.

Hotkeys Support

  • Added quick save (f5) hotkey.
  • Added quick load (f9) hotkeys support.
  • Hotkeys can be changed at “hotkeys.ini”, supported keys at “supported hotkeys.txt” file.
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