Victoria 3 – How to Prevent Radicalism

This guide contain few tips to stop radicalism.

How to Stop Radicals


In shorts

Just make them happy.

In details

Answer this questions:

  • Are they losing access to stuff they need or are things getting more expensive in your market?
  • Are they losing wages?
  • Are you extracting too much money to the state through several means?
  • Are their idea groups mad at your government?
  • Are your standerds of living above the minimun threshold for your country?
  • Are your buildings stable enough so they won’t keep firing and hiring the same people over and over again?

In other words

The line must grow.

You can check the living conditions of different classes of population (peasants, capitalists, etc.) and how the average income each pop earns from different jobs. Give your people jobs that pay more and they’ll increase their standard of living, which will make them happy.

On a serious note, radicals form due to displeasure. Keep them fed, keep their wages high with good jobs and reasonable prices on goods (as best you’re able, some of this will be out of your control), and don’t get involved in long wars and it should help.

Also, be wary of leaving enfranchised Pops feeling disenfranchised. If there’s clamor for a change in government and you ignore it, Pops who want it will start to radicalize.

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