Video Horror Society – All Known Movie List

An attempt at a total list of all Movies (currently 80) in VHS.

List of All Known Movies


Movies. as I understand them, currently act as sets of challenges, some “Classic,” meaning permanently available, and “Limited,” obviously implying that they are time-limited. It is unclear (to me) if these time-limited Movies will re-appear at a later date or not.

After completing a Classic Movie, if there is a sequel Movie, you unlock the sequel, providing harder challenges and more rewards. Currently, each character has a trilogy of movies.

I believe for Limited Movies (and/or Classic), there is a Standard Edition, Extended Edition and Directors Edition for each movie title, but I’m not positive.

Teen Classic Movies

Gloria’s Movies

Brett’s Movies

Jes’s Movies

Leo’s Movies

Faith’s Movies

Killer Classic Movies

W.A.R.T Movies

Werewolf Movies

Dollmaster Movies

Limited Movies

505 Terminus

The Evil Never Dies

The Evil Never Dies Extended Cut

Two Feet Under

Spectral Collectors

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