Video Horror Society – Definitive Guide to All Status Effects

This is a comprehensive guide to the meaning of all current effects in Video Horror Society, comprised to try and help newer players understand what certain effects mean, and where they are coming from, allowing them to adapt to the situations they find themselves in accordingly. I know I’m not the most knowledgeable about what situations can cause some of the effects to occur, so professional feedback is welcome, and if I miss anything let me know so I can reprise it with more detailed entries!

All Status Effect Guide

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Positive Teen Effects

  • Fed [Item Only] – Recovers ~15% of the users health over the course of roughly five seconds (Chompie Bar exclusive).
  • Speed Boost – After drinking a Clash Cola or being hit while healthy by a non-enraged Monster, your speed is roughly doubled for ~3 seconds (Note – This speed is increased by Lightning Fast when applied by being injured).
  • Vice Grip [Teen Perk Specific] – When active, the next time you are downed the weapon you are currently holding will not be lost (Note 1 – Only activates once per match) (Note 2 – Activation depends on the tier of the perk, and based on that tier, how many Teens have died).
  • Born Tough [Teen Perk Specific] – For the first 180 seconds of the match, your max health is increased (based on the tier of the perk equipped) (Note – Upon the end of the 180 seconds, regardless of if you have lost it or not, the bonus segment of the health bar is lost).
  • Team Spirit [Teen Perk Specific] – The speed that you Heal, Revive, Resurrect, and Disarm is increased by a small percent (based on the tier of the perk equipped (Note – While multiple of this effect cannot affect the same person, all within the effects radius will receive the effect)).
  • Skill Boost – Upon succeeding a Perfect Skill Check, the speed of your current action is increased (Progress is sped whilst charging or crafting, and movement speed is doubled if achieved while Prone/downed).
  • Vision – Reveals the aura of the Monster (Lasts for 5 seconds when caused by a noisemaker / 60 seconds or until damage is done to either side when caused by the claiming of a Rift) / (When playing against a Doll Master, the aura of a doll being controlled will be revealed rather than the body of the Doll Master).

Negative Teen Effects

  • Blunder – Upon failing a Skill Check while charging a Shock Sphere or crafting any weapon, the speed at which you craft is halved for five seconds afterwards.
  • Jammed [Prize Specific] – Upon activation by a monster, the speed at which all healing, crafting, or charging are done is halved for ~15 seconds (Note – This ability is only available through a Monster prize, which can be activated at the start of a Match once Transformed and once an additional 10 hits have been dealt to the Teen).
  • Immobilized – When failing a Skill Check while prone, you will be unable to crawl for about three seconds.
  • Deafened – The Tension Loop is silenced for the duration of the effect (Caused by use of the Shock Sphere, the Thunder Howl mutation of the Werewolf, or the Deafen Echolocation mutation on W.A.R.T.).
  • Distressed – For ~7 seconds after a teen is hit or the Rift is claimed, Teens within the Tension Loop will be unable to use weapons, use items, craft, or heal.
  • Cowering – For ~7 seconds after the Werewolf howls, Teens will be unable to use weapons, items, craft, or heal. (Note – The Werewolf can still use its other abilities while Teens are cowering) (Note 2 – Teens outside of the Tension Loop will not be affected, and can come close and attack the Werewolf or perform other actions even if they come within range whilst other Teens may still be Cowering)
  • Stagger – Teens within the green outline of a W.A.R.T. leap or Monsters within Tension Loop distance of a Rift claimed by Teens will be slowed from their base movement speed for a short time (This effect changes in intensity and duration with the powers, mods or mutations that cause them).

General Monster Effects

  • Exposed – The aura of any Teens affected are revealed for the duration of the effect (Caused by Doll Masters Haunted Doll Place mutation, Teens failing a Skill Check whilst crafting, or the claiming of the Rift by a Monster).
  • Banished – After being fully damaged by a certain weapon time for the first time in a match, you will become invisible for ~10 seconds, having a doubled movement speed (Note 1 – Teens within ~12 meters for you can hear a distorted sound whilst Banished) (Note 2 – Teens are not visible during a Banishment, but can still be heard healing, crafting, or moving around) (Note 3 – The Doll Master can place dolls whilst Banished that will be highlighted in white, and pre-existing dolls will turn white, becoming unable to disarm until the Doll Master is no longer banished).
  • Stunned – When being hit by a weapon type that you have already been Banished by, you will be immobilized for about seven seconds. (Note 1 – Teens with other weapons can Banish you whilst Stunned) (Note 2 – While the Monster makes a loud noise, Teens can still be seen and heard, giving time for a Monster to prepare for the potential ambush or chase should they recover before being Banished).

W.A.R.T. Effects

  • Resonance – When the W.A.R.T. uses it’s Echolocation ability, the location of all Teens will be marked, and ~2 seconds later this location will be revealed to the Monster (Note – The Afterimage, or the glowing outline of a teen left behind, is where the teen is a second into use of the ability, being their location roughly four seconds prior to where they are at the end of the Resonance duration) (Note 2 – When using the Detect mutation, Teens with weapons are highlighted in a light blue rather than yellow).
  • Armored – When W.A.R.T. uses its Acid Shield, it is given a period of ~10 seconds in which any singular attack that would otherwise stun or banish it will instead destroy the shield, destroying the weapon and slowing the wart greatly for ~0.5 seconds (Note – If a second weapon is used during or shortly after a different weapon breaks the armor, the weapon will begin to progress the bar of stunning or banishing it once the shield has fully broken).
  • Flinch – The short period in which the W.A.R.T. is greatly slowed for half a second upon a weapon breaking its Acid Shield (Flinch does not occur after the shield naturally disappears).

Werewolf Effects

  • Berserk – The Werewolf increases it’s movement speed (by a base increase of 24%) for a base twelve seconds (this increases or decreases with certain mutations). Missed attacks also have a 14% decreased cooldown whilst the Berserk status effect is active.
  • Hunting – The Werewolf will hear a heartbeat of increasing intensity based on their distance from the nearest Teen (Note 1 – Teens, while unable to see this status effect, will be able to hear a distinct growl whilst it is being used) (Note 2 – Prone/downed Teens will still be detected by this ability unless the Chronic mutation is in use).
  • Savage – When using the Savage Howl mutation, being hit by a weapon will cause this status to appear, allowing for a Howl to be used at 500% activation speed (1 -> 0.2 seconds).

Doll Master Effects

  • Alarmed – When a Teen comes within one meter of a doll whilst uncrouched, it will begins to yell for six seconds, decreasing the focus time required for all actions related to this doll. If no actions are taken, the doll disappears back into the Doll Master’s inventory.
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