Voidigo – Strategy Guide

A short guide on the best, personally discovered strategies on beating Voidigo (I’ve beaten brutal, and done loop 5 on rogue using quite literally the stuff I’m about to tell you).

Guide to Strategies


This is purely personal experience, I have never watched, nor looked up any guides on the game at all, so I might basically be describing a random youtube video, or it might be an entirely new thing.

I will not mention this much more. so remember if I’m saying something is the “best”, it might not be, according to others, but according to me, it is.

I will not mention powerups, nor weapons too much, or barely at all, as it really depends on your play style. Go for what powerups you like the most, upgrade them to the max if you wish, and get the best weapons you consider.

You’re looking up guides on the internet, you’ll trust strangers, won’t you?

Selection Screen

Before you start a run, you have to, of course, choose your character, weapon and powerup.

Clozo with the clozo’s arm and cloudy biter are one of the better options, as the cloudy biter has a good amount of dps, which paired with clozo’s arm, has quite the range, aswell.

Drash is good with all of her weapons, but the antivoid combo strike is the go-to powerup, as it can singlehandedly carry you through the non boss fights of the first 2 arenas.

Karkamas is not a good character to choose, as his powerups aren’t really life savers in situations, unlike most of the others. Although his melee weapons are pretty good.

Botanika’s pollen dash can save you, a lot of times in messed up situations as you can use it to dash through bullets, and with the right timing can get you out of a lot of tough situations. Her pot pal weapon can deal massive damage to bosses if shot at the right angle.

In general, I’d recommend going either:

  • Clozo, Clozo’s arm, Cloudy biter
  • Botanika, Pollen dash, Pot pal

Passive Damage

What’s passive damage, you ask? Well, it’s a concept that doesn’t actually exist in the game, but I thought of it:

  • Basically, it is damage you do, when you’re not attacking, such as stompable buttons, companions, Coffee, and so.
  • As this damage can be insane if you focus mostly on it, do keep an eye out for extra stompable buttons. If you stomp on one while it is directly on a boss, the damage is, most of the time, insane.
  • It’s always great to prioritize it, me personally, the “hands” that activate when you reload a weapon, they’ve well over carried me through rogue loop 5.
  • Anything in this game’s damage gets insane at some point if it’s all your prioritize, but the problem becomes that everything else is commonly useless.
  • High risk, high reward. Low risk, low reward. You wish.


As you enter Antlantis, you should probably challenge the void, as all 3 bosses here are very easy, and it’s extremely useful to get an extra max life.

You’ll want to get a lot of crystal shard, as Jhase can sell very useful items. But be careful, it’s best not to immediately open every crystal shard container, box, whatever you find, immediately, you should keep most of them untouched. (As I’ve personally discovered, you can not get health pickups if you’re at full hp). Open them if you get hit, or at the end of the arena for a chance of getting the much needed health which you’d instead pay 5 crystal shards per.

You’ll start exploring arena by arena, killing all enemies and taking your most preferred weapons.

One of the best strategies to get kill enemies is by stomping on all of the ones that are currently attacking you, and meleeing them to death with a gun, as it saves durability / bullets.

Do be wary, though, as some, such as the formless, can very easily punish greed, as such, they’re best killed from a distance.

It’s best to save as much ammo as you can, as when you get to the bossfight and all, you’ll most of the time have way too much ammo to spare. And, if you can, try to save health pickups and not get hit, in case you get a ghost baby retrieving thingie, since you get an extra max health from doing it, don’t be afraid to spend crystal shards to get it done, you’ll most likely need it on some places such as brutal, or impossible.

The powerups are mostly up to you, which one fit your gameplay, but a few handy ones are the hurricane soles, as it lets you stun multiple enemies at once, and the Martial arts manual, as they can drastically improve your melee dps.

Speed improving powerups are always great, so if you’re able to get either of them, do try your best, since, at high difficulties, you’ll mostly be relying on dodging.


Formless Prime

If you learn the attacks it can do and how much free time you have between every attack, you can quite easily melee it to death, with a gun, without Clozo’s arm. It’s possibly the easiest boss in the game.


The non corrupted form can be quite easily killed by melee means as well, but once you get to the second health bar, it’s best to get to ranged combat as it can sometimes start shooting extremely fast, not giving you enough time to react.

Remember, sometimes, it looks at it’s claw and spends a bit of time pinching it, doing nothing, that’s the best time to use to either damage it a lot, or run away and do whatever you wanted to.

The Matriarch

Quite possibly the most annoying boss in Antlantis, as it can spawn the imperiants which you have to go and stomp / kill. And with it’s fast ranged attacks.

But the true thing you have to beware of is the giant melee slash: It deals about 3 hearts of damage in Impossible; just enough to 1hit you. So if you don’t have full hp with an extra max health, it’s best to keep your distance at all times. And since it can decide to do the slash attack, and do it, extremely fast, you’d better just do ranged no matter what, or melee it with a weapon that fits your reaction time.


After you finish Antlantis, claim your rewards, and enter Porkoland, not a lot of stuff changes. Therefore, most of the tips on the Antlantis guide go for these, aswell.

Challenging the void here depends on you, are you sure you’ll be able to beat something, that could easily be 2 Magmoths? If you’re confident you can beat any of the 2 bosses you might get, go for it!

On here, you usually have 4-5 max health, depending if you got any child delivery services done, or just sold your powerup.

You’ll start off just as you did with porko land, going one enemy by one, killing them with melee if possible, but just about anything you have would work.

Beware the emeraldon enemies here, as, when you kill them, the crystal tries to get to you and explode you. It’s very fast, so be prepared to either sprint, or jump if you have something like clozo’s dodge. Other than that most of the enemies can be stomped and then killed.

I recommend always having a melee weapon on you here as with the baby magmoths, it’s best to constantly hold your shield up except when it’s keeping still and doing nothing.

Try your best to empty all the arenas before fully going onto the bossfight, and if you challenged the void, be prepared to immediately atleast deal half hp damage to the first boss that spawns before the second spawns, so when they’re both here, you can prioritize killing the one that spawned first as it will be much lower on hp.

Lets get into the bosses:

Echino, Emeraldon Echino, Blooming Echino

These are basically all the same boss, except emeraldon sometimes has the insanely fast little crystals it spawns sometimes, and blooming is just fire. The echinos are very easy if you have a melee weapon, you just want to hold it all the time until it does an easy to dodge attack (such as its lasers) and then get some damage in. They can become a problem if there’s 2 of them, though.

Beware the Emeraldon Echino’s burrow attack, it goes at you at very high speeds, spinning it’s crystal, dealing a good amount of damage, you have to run from it, it’s the easiest way to avoid the attack, even though there’s no easy way to avoid it. Specially beware of it’s corrupted form, as the crystal is insanely fast, so you will want to always leave emeraldon echino for the last, so you can safely run around from it while no other boss attacks you.


Pretty simple boss, but is difficult if you don’t know it’s attacks.

First off you will want to kill all the electro butterflies it spawns as fast as possible, and you’ll be waiting for any attack where it starts shooting bullets, as it usually never shoots on more than two sides, so it’s very, very easy to dodge.

The North

Once again, mostly the same strategies used for Antlantis fit here, go arena through arena, kill enemies slowly and safely. By now you’ll be quite strong and in a dangerous situation, will be able to easily get rid of an enemy or two if they pose a big threat.

Many people hate the North due to it’s enemies, but with a wind sole or something, the owls become regular enemies just like every other.

Remember, you can still stomp on the owls, melee them once or twice with a gun, and repeat until they’re dead, they’re just next to impossible to stack stomps on unlike the enemies in the first 2 arenas.

Ugglurs are annoying, but easy, you can also stomp on them and melee them, just watch out for their axe throw every time you stomp them, it makes it better to kill them one by one if possible, and if there’s several after you, shoot them.

The rune elders, who just stay away and spawn runes, have to be killed asap, through any means, as they’re insanely annoying if not dealt with, quickly.

Other than the dwarfs that ride their.. whatever it’s name is, nothing in this arena is actually much of a threat, the reason a lot of people don’t like it is because it’s a pretty new arena and people are yet to get used to the enemies.

Bosses in the North become insanely tanky, so prepare a lot of spare weapons you’ll throw away after, or a lot of bullet pickups as it’ll take a while if you don’t have something overpowered such as the XXL, or boring bazooka.



Quite easily the easiest boss, when he’s the regular pony, you’ll want to shoot him, since his ranged attacks can overwhelm you easily if you don’t pay attention, remember if he’s shooting his horseshoes, he will end the attack by stomping the ground and shooting a circle of bullets, much like the imperiant babies, around him.

His tongue attack is the easiest to dodge since it literally shows you where the bullets will go.

When he goes into his pegasus stage, he has 2 attacks, one where he spawns random lasers that shoot you that’s best dodged using something like Clozo’s dodge, or Pollen dash, while constantly sprinting around, and the other is the one where he sticks himself into the ground and has an X of lasers going around him, they’re not that hard to dodge on easier difficulties and he can be attacked a lot during it, but on something like impossible, they’re best to stay away from since they’re insanely fast

The Prophecy

Very easy boss if you get the hang of it. Most of it’s attacks are dodged by just sprinting around, if not all. If you are going for a melee approach, beware of it’s head slam attack, it’s fast and could easily catch you off guard. Just remember that, when it gets out of the ground, most of the time it’ll do a dash attack. If not, it’ll spawn something that’ll dissapear(?) eventually. You probably won’t even notice if you’ll kill it or it’ll dissapear, much like I never did, since it’s so chaotic

It’s laser attack is extremely useful as it can be avoided with simple sprinting, while you can make it kill basically everything else.


Did I spell his name right? Whatever, he’s most likely the worst boss in the game, as he is for me, you’ll want a ranged approach to him, while taking note of his spawns, and specially his bullets, do not forget that his bullets return, you have to dodge them twice if you’re in range. Other than that he’s not really hard if you pay a lot of attention to what’s happening and know his attacks. When he buries himself into the ground and does the spin + move + shoot attack, he’s extremely easy to damage. So try to take advantage of that.

The Void

Yes, finally, the final place.

It’s very simple, before you spawn the Puppeteer, do your best to find out where all of the rooms with the beacons are. Remember this place has only 5 rooms in total.

Get to the first beacon, KILL the voidling, and destroy the beacon. Same with the second room.

For the third and fourth, try to find out the best way to get through them and then to a clean room while going through as little rooms as possible, so when you spawn the Puppeteer, you have to destroy the least amount of beacons that respawn.

Other than that, the boss is easy but can overwhelm you, don’t even pay attention to who attacks, do your best to constantly get to a place where there’s no danger outline. You’ll probably want a ranged attack here, or it might be better to switch from one safe room to the other while fighting only one boss, the one Puppeteer spawns when she comes to you.

That’s it. Good job.

Special Rooms with Awards

There’s a few kinds of special rooms in the game and you will want to utilize all of them as much as you can.

Lets begin with the ones that spawn inside of a room which you enter, choose a challenge and fight.

They’re not that difficult, usually you can just take out one enemy by one, and none of the challenges are really that hard, but the traffic light can be a bit scary at first, and the hardest one is most likely voidlings, so I don’t recommend taking the voidlings on a high difficulty run as you have to fight a ton of voidlings.

The other ones are rooms on their own and usually involve either a kind of a trade, a place to recycle a weapon, or a buyable jar.

There’s also other ones but they’re most of the time kind of useless. They also contain a lot of crystal shards most of the time

And last but not least, do not forget about Jhase’s Shop, he can be a lifesaver with some of his sales.

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