Voidtrain – All Statue Locations in Darkness

A guide to where all the statues are in the objective “Darkness” since the narrator only breaks to fourth wall in his attempt to “help”.

Locations of Statues in Darkness

All credit goes to Nick!

Where Are the Statues?

I turned the brightness up in my attempt to see the statues, it might make it easier to see them. Still, it’s easier to know what you’re looking for with a guide.

First, turn left. On the table to the left of the door is an idol.

Turn to the right of the door, on the ground is another idol. Or statue. I’m throwing in the word “idol” in case someone searches that word instead.

To the right again, or, opposite of the magic door, is another desk. Underneath that.

Finally, from the desk with the statue beneath it, turn to the right, look on the boxes, it is next to the cardboard box.

Can’t see it in the pic? Yeah, I barely saw it after searching for a while, I would never have seen it with the brightness low.

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  1. Thank you!! I turned my brightness to full and still walked past the last statue at least a dozen times…

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